The boat trip is a strange thing, an anomaly of surf trips. It has been around in its present form of luxurious travel for a good few years now in relative terms, and rules, laws and etiquette have slowly started to form around this form of travel. There are just a few points to remember when on such trips. Here's the lowdown on cruising around paradise on a boat.

1. During a boat cruise, the boat gets quite crowded and cramped. It's part of the whole thing. If you're not good with loads of people in small areas, find an escape area, maybe on the roof of the cabin, perhaps somewhere else, where you can chill with your music, watch the stars, and relax with the rhythm of the ocean.

2. Most boats have a designated area for boards to be stacked. This system is for a reason, as boards lying around the vessel can result in accidents and injury. Don't want to be tripping up over a board or a leash and breaking a bone. So put your boards away, tie your leashes up, and don't leave boardies and rashies on the deck – hang them all up.

3. There is always going to be food for everyone — no need to panic and jump queues on a boat. Food comes.

4. When the captain or skipper suggests against going to a specific surf spot, it usually means that he either knows it is going to be poor, or he knows that it is going to be hell getting there due to approaching bad weather. Take his word for it.

5. If there is an engine failure, it is not the captain's fault either. He doesn't want to be floating around aimlessly while the waves are cooking. If you can help, then volunteer, otherwise stay out of the way and keep quiet until they have repaired the engine.

6. If you arrive at a surf spot and there are three guys out, and a local is sitting in a little canoe waiting for them, it is poor form for all 10 of you to jump overboard and paddle out at once and hassle for every wave. Try and stagger your attack, with three or four guys going out at any one time.

7. Don't paddle out into waves beyond your skill levels. You will be a menace to everyone in the water, including yourself, and you could very easily injure yourself, putting yourself as well as the captain or anyone with a medical background through some severe trauma. Know your limits. If it's ten-foot Nokanduis, please be very sure of your skill levels.

8. Getting drunk on a boat is beautiful. Just don't go for a drunken late-night pee over the edge because if you fall and no one hears you. You're gone forever. Just use the inside toilet at night.

9. Also, while getting drunk with your mates is all good, playing pranks like smearing toothpaste in a bed or hiding a turd under a pillow isn't that funny if you're the person who has to clean up the next day.

10. Some captains and their boats are inexperienced and shoddy and are pushing their luck with taking on people for expensive charters. Do loads of research before slapping your coin down on some new boat. Find people who have been on the vessel before and speak to them. Go through a reputable travel company when making your booking.

11. If you are on a boat and the waves go flat, and the winds go wrong, be prepared to read, and to play backgammon, and to drink Bintangs. Think about it – life's not that bad is it?

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