A Sex on the Beach is such a classic cocktail. Containing vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice, and a somewhat funny name, but honestly, I much rather enjoy some good old Bordeaux wine. At the end of the lockdown, you start wondering if you should still stay inside or waste time watching Netflix while the rain is pouring down the streets of the Landes. Starting today, our bubble has expanded to 100km from our home in Europe's biggest forrest, so a trip to Paris to spice up my abandoned Instagram account is not yet on the maps ...

Living in the city has its perks, no doubt. A small space, but a big public life, and access to areas full of vibrant culture and gastronomic delights. You have everything within easy access via public transportation, a short drive, or even walking distance. Whether you’re looking for a coffee shop, a delicatessen, or the best fish tacos in town, city dining has it all. You’ll typically find craft breweries and food trucks paired together for a cheap, delicious meal with your favorite local beer. Delivery service is also an added benefit, maybe that's what I missed most during this lockdown.

“Paris is always a good idea,” declared Audrey Hepburn. I never expected Paris to be like a movie (like some starry eyed Americans), but a lot of people come here anticipating it to be a dream full of champagne, the Eiffel tower, pretty dresses, macarons, and romance. But living in Paris is not like visiting Paris.

Paris is so instagrammable, but instagram isn’t always pretty behind the scenes.

As the housing market is so tight, a filthy furnished apartment can be rented for an obscene amount of money because it’s a good neighborhood and an old building.

Is COVID-19 the end of the city dream? If cities ebb, they will surely spring back to life in the future. Still, people born in Paris are increasingly likely to move away from the French capital, a new study reveals, with many opting to start a new life in the sunny south of France. At whatever age Parisians decide to leave their home, they are overwhelmingly choosing to ditch it for the sunnier climes of southern France. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in the south west of France drew 14 percent of Parisians moving away from the capital.

The word “Aquitaine” is of Latin origin and means “land of water”. The ocean, countless lakes and three huge rivers tell us that the Romans’ impression of the region is equally valid today. With its long and rich history, many will be familiar with place names such as Biarritz, St.Emilion and Arcachon, or have probably consumed its iconic wines, Margaux, St. Julien, St Estephe and Pauillac.

Aquitaine offers a magic lifestyle and great value for money in terms of surf real estate. It has an abundance of varied landscapes and natural spaces such as mountains, lakes, forests and an amazing coastline of long sandy beaches. The sunny and temperate climate also makes the area a favourite for those who want to live a more tranquil lifestyle surrounded by the beauty of such natural diversity.

The Landes is particularly well known for its forest, la Forêt des Landes, which is the largest forest in Europe and covers 67% of the area. It also has miles of beaches, which have been safeguarded from excessive development and as such are great favourites for summer tourism as they offer superb surfing conditions.

As a general rule, prices are higher the closer you get to the coast and around the main urban hubs, and start to taper down as you move slightly inland. 100K to 250K gets you a small studio near the beach. 250K+ gets you a renovators dream slightly inland and you should expect to pay 500K+ for a small sized house near the beach. Prime location, surf villas, start from 750K up to a couple million euros.