NFTs have emerged as a groundbreaking internet primitive, promising to revolutionize how digital assets are distributed and discovered. At ikigAI Labs XYZ, we recognized the vast potential for creating a platform in this category, anticipating growth comparable to early developments in video, photos, and streaming. However, the reality has been quite different.

Despite the initial enthusiasm, NFTs have not achieved the rapid growth seen in other media primitives. Instead, their progress has been notably slower. This leads us to a crucial insight: digital ownership and associated activities (collecting, trading, speculating, etc.) might appeal to only a small percentage of the population.

If this observation holds true, NFT-focused entities face a significant challenge. The Total Addressable Market (TAM) for NFTs may be smaller than anticipated, and competition from numerous well-funded players is fierce. The risk associated with this scenario is higher than we estimated during the bear market. The market has experienced bullish phases, yet NFTs largely sat these out, aside from brief speculative spikes.

This trend spans all forms of NFTs—from Profile Pictures (PFPs) to one-of-ones, music, Web3 games, and digital art collectibles. Compared to other industry innovations, NFTs have struggled to gain substantial traction. This suggests that while NFTs have their place, their role may evolve to be more supportive rather than central.

At ikigAI Labs XYZ, we continue to believe in the critical functions of blockchains, particularly in Real-World Assets (RWAs) and payments. NFTs can serve as a vital link between these functions, acting as beautiful and functional receipts. While their primary role might shift, NFTs will remain an integral part of the broader crypto ecosystem.

In conclusion, while NFTs might not become the main attraction, they will undoubtedly play a crucial supporting role in the future of blockchain technology. At ikigAI Labs XYZ, we remain committed to exploring and expanding the possibilities within this evolving landscape, continuously adapting our strategies to align with market realities and emerging trends.

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