Burnt Banksy is an anonymous figure who made history in the NFT community with the burning of an authentic Banksy artwork. This act received universal acclaim and was covered by leading publications such as Bloomberg, CoinDesk, GQ, CoinTelegraph, BBC, CBS, HYPEBEAST, Art.Net, and many others. Burnt Banksy has sold hundreds of NFTs and has achieved the highest average sale price on OpenSea ahead of NFT titans such as Beeple.

Cover Image: Banksy, Morons (White), 2006.

"You can say anything is a work of art... but if you burn a Banksy and then want money for it, that ranks pretty low on the art scale for me."

The group behind the stunt said it was "on a mission to bridge the world of physical art with NFTs". I would say they achieved their goal, a PR buzz for a new VC-backed NFT-platform that has enough money to burn. Tasteless, IMHO

les gouts et les couleurs ...
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