After meticulously analyzing numerous roadmaps and observing the trajectories of various projects—ranging from their inception, and growth, to potential decline—we've identified our distinct edge. What distinguishes us?

  • Our relentless commitment to the rigorous and exhaustive pursuit of our objectives, consistently pushing forward until we achieve our ambitions.
  • The unparalleled expertise of our team, characterized by innovative thinking, adept execution of short-term projects, and a rich tapestry of experiences.
  • A cumulative 76+ years of expertise in design, creativity, business operations, financial acumen, commercial strategies, and the generation of groundbreaking ideas, embodied by five central figures. In today's information-saturated world, curators emerge as the new creators, guiding consumers through the deluge of content, with quality curation becoming increasingly valuable.


🎬 CxO — 📧 — 🇫🇷 Bordeaux (GMT+1)


As the visionary founder, my ultimate goal is to progressively delegate my key roles to individuals who bring even greater expertise to the table. Beginning my journey at Quiksilver, I contributed significantly to the Image Control team, leading to the launch of flagship stores, noteworthy events, and a novel marketing and PR strategy. Pioneering in WebTV technology before the advent of platforms like YouTube, my efforts were recognized by for early achievements in video streaming, in collaboration with Akamai. With a background as a freelance journalist, I've had the privilege of interviewing luminaries in the action sports domain, and contributing to international publications. My venture, LiveTheLifeTV, aims to be a curated hub for distinctive boutique hotels and artist residencies, with a keen eye on the transformative potential of NFTs for photographers. Currently, I'm embracing the good life, pursuing my dreams alongside my partner, and venturing into coding during my leisure.


📸 CxO — 📧 — 🇳🇪 Barcelona (GMT+1)


As a Director and Director of Photography, I thrive on bringing fantastical concepts to life, preferring to achieve effects directly through the camera wherever possible. My tenure as an award-winning photographer has been marked by a transition from analog to digital, capturing the imagination of global brands. Now, I focus on photogrammetry, blending virtual elements with the physical world, and shaping reality like a sculptor.


💻 CxO — 📧 — 🇳🇱 Amsterdam (GMT+1)

Full Stack Dev

As a Full Stack Developer, I meticulously plan our development sprints to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience. My two decades of coding experience, now focused on Web3, inform our strategic direction in this new digital frontier.


💾 CxO — 📧 — 🇫🇷 Bordeaux (GMT+1)

Assistant Director

From my beginnings in economics to roles in HR and office management, I co-founded a travel and real-estate online platform, eventually gravitating towards Web3 and DeFi. A believer in organization, planning, and community engagement, I live by the mantras of integrity and seizing the day, finding joy in the simplicity of life.


🎙 CxO — 📧 — 🇰🇾 Metaverse (GMT-5)

Executive Producer

Founder of FMA le Bureau, I'm passionate about identifying and nurturing photographic talent, creating synergies between creativity and commissioning entities. My commitment extends to fostering emerging artists and advocating for gender diversity in photography, evidenced by my leadership in "Les Filles de la Photo" and contributions to the Observatory of Gender Mixity.


🎙 CxO — 📧 — 🇱🇺 Metaverse (GMT+1)

Associate Producer

A staunch advocate for the transformative potential of the crypto ecosystem, my journey began with Bankless DAO. With a solid background in project management, I am keenly involved in various DAOs and projects, championing the notion that the crypto revolution is as much social as it is technological, aiming to redefine interpersonal and organizational dynamics.

Together, we navigate the complexities of the digital age, committed to excellence, innovation, and the art of curation.