Nias is hard to get to and is still quite wild, but the wave at Lagundri Bay is what dreams are made of.

1. Lagundri Bay

One of the best waves in the whole of the Indonesian archipelago, Lagundri Bay has an almost mesmerizing look and feel because it is so perfect. When it is small, it is a wave that suits everyone, but as it gets bigger, it starts to resemble the real deal. Surfers have died at Lagundri Bay.

The wave suits everyone when it is small, and the inside Kiddies Corner is where most people learn to surf when there are small but perfect waves. It is a right-hander, and it has a reasonably easy take-off into a steep section that often barrels. Still, when small it offers a beautiful wall to open-face carves and other moves.

Swell from the southwest is optimum, and a northerly wind will keep those barrels open. It works on all tides, and the barrel changes slightly when the tide is high. It is not surfable in onshore conditions, but it is usually glassy to offshore every morning. It does get crowded, and there are a few locals, so you need to be careful out there

2. The Machine

The Machine is a hefty left-hand reef break that breaks well inside Lagundri Bay. You can walk there along the beach, or you can get a lift in a car or a boat. It is a full barrel, and you need to be on your game there as well as brave.

The Machine is, unfortunately, expert only, and is probably left to the goofy-footers unless you are a highly skilled backhand tube rider. It is only a barrel, and the reef is shallow and razor-sharp. This is a wave that can and does seriously injure people. You don’t really want to be seriously injured at Lagundri as the hospital facilities are lacking.

The Machine needs the highest of tides and the biggest of swells before it is worth a hike across the bay or a boat ride. Even then, it is a problematic paddle out, and it is best accessed from a boat. If you know how to surf fearsome left barrels, then this place is for you.

3. Sobatu

Just around the corner from Nias lies Sobatu, a shifting but enticing big wave spot that has grown in notoriety over the years. It gets enormous, and it has a shallow reef, but a big wave here will be a wave that you will remember forever.

There are two sides to Sobatu, and the one is a place to go surf when Lagundri is small because you will always find something here.

The other option is to go sand surf here when Lagundri gets massive, and then you could get the biggest wave of your life. So it suits small wave surfers and big wave surfers alike.

Sometimes the paddle out can be challenging at low tide, and reef boots are a good idea for walking on the coral.

Southwest swells and northerly winds are also the go here, and it works on all tides. Sometimes, when the swell is giant, the low tide can cause the waves to shift quite a lot, and that makes it quite tricky.

4. Afulu

This left-hand reef is one of the longest and most perfect lefts on Nias. It is a quiet area, away from all the attention focused around Lagundri Bay, but it is more exposed to the winds.

There are a few good quality beach-breaks around the Afulu area. Still, when the main reef turns on, there is no need for anyone to go and look at the beach breaks unless you’re still a beginner.

The wave is fast, and the water is very shallow, barely covering the reef for much of the wave. It, therefore, prefers a high tide, and it also has a tricky end section that needs to be negotiated. It is a wave for experienced surfers, and sometimes you will need a step-up to surf it on a bigger swell. It never gets crowded, and there are hardly any locals who surf out there.

Afulu works best on a southwest swell and a northerly wind. It used to be a lot better, but the earthquake lifted the reef up, and now the wave isn’t as dreamy as it used to be. It still gets excellent, however, and it lights up when all the other waves are too big and maxed out. Best accessed by boat.

5. Asu

While not on Nias as such, Asu is one of the surf spots found on the nearby Hinako Islands, and surfers travel between Asu and Nias daily. Asu is a premier left-hander, but it too was somewhat changed by the first earthquake. It is a fast wave, and the wave runs to a dry end section called The Nuclear Zone. You want to be out of the wave before that zone appears.

The wave itself is not that scary, except for the Nuclear Zone, but it is fast, and it does run over some reasonably shallow coral. It barrels, and it gets fairly crowded on good days if the camps are full. There are 5 surf camps on the island in front of the wave, and if they are full, then the wave is crowded. The island is rife with mosquitoes.

Ideal conditions are a southwest swell and a south-east wind. The area picks up a lot of swell, and it does get massive there at times. It can be ridden big, but it tends to run flat into the deep water. There is another famous surf spot called Bawa in the area, and when the wind is onshore at Asu, it is offshore at Bawa.

Mark & Debi have built KabuNohi Sorake Resort on their 2,400 sq. /meter freehold private property located Ocean front directly at the surf point; Sorake beach, Lagundri Bay.

The name Sorake (Zorake), in Nias language means ‘broken coral rocks’. KabuNohi Sorake is absolute beachfront and the coral sands are pushed up our beach to our retaining wall by the breaking waves, The KabuNohi, Oceanfront garden area has a large and private viewing deck that is a great camera spot covering the view directly up the length of the point, and the 3 wave sections with the Rice Bowl Peak, directly out the front), Kiddies Corner, and the Main Nias Break. This deck is the ultimate place to hang out in between surfs or relax on Sunset with a cold beverage. Non-surfers will enjoy this relaxation area as much as the surfers with some shaded areas to relax in a deck chair with a good book whilst catching the sea breeze and checking out the surf action beyond.

Mark has met travelling surfers from all corners of the globe over the years and whilst they love the surf and vibe of Nias. Many have expressed the need to have higher quality accommodation and food on offer so they can bring their non-surfing partners and families to enjoy the wonders of Sorake Beach. KabuNohi Sorake will meet the higher standard requirements of couples, families and discerning surfers looking for quality accommodation, the highest quality cuisine and personalised service.

Booking / +62 821-6595-4781 / Instagram

The Jamburae Lodge is a perfect place to stay for surfers who are looking for accommodation in front of the world-famous wave "The Point". From the spacious terrace, you can check the wave conditions or just relax and watch the surf for hours while sipping on a smoothie or beer.

Booking / +62-822-7279-9664

Located among coconut trees, crystal clear water and 1 degree above the equator, a remote island surrounded by perfect waves, PURI ASU RESORT is the real “Surfers Paradise”. Enjoy the comfort and privacy with access to some of the best and most consistent waves in the world. With a pristine white sand beach in front and clear calm water we have world class scubadiving and snorkeling within meters of your room, and the waves are 3 minutes away.

No walking over coral or long paddles to the breaks, we will drop you off and pick you up in the line-up ANYTIME YOU WISH.  From our private pier and we are always on stand-by to take you to surf, check the waves, go fishing, shoot photos or explore the 8 islands in our area.

"This is like the ultimate surf trip. Perfect and heavy waves with no crowds. Very clean and good accomodation and the food is delicious. Alemao and his team go the extra mile to make sure all the guests have a great time. Although surf is the focus they have high quality scuba diving gear and there is plenty fish around. Right in front of their beach the coral reef is very impressive and you can spend hours enjoying the beauty of it. Many waves available with Asu right at thee corner. They also now have Jet Ski for Tow In surfing which is amazing. If you want to spend an awesome time this is the place to go."

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