The Delphi Podcast Hosts, Anil Lulla and Jose Maria Macedo, chat with the one and only Mark Cuban about everything crypto. The conversation covers everything from Mark’s view on the Internet bubble vs crypto right now, DeFi, NFTs, and more!  Although he needs no introduction, Mark Cuban is the billionaire start-up investor, Dallas Mavericks owner, and everyone’s favorite shark on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Show Notes

"In the crypto/Defi world, organizations don’t require near as much capital to start and operate. Rather than raising money in a traditional sense, they can sell tokens to raise capital, they can reward Liquidity Providers instead of having to raise liquidity for financial transactions, they can reward Stakers who support Validators. They can operate on a blockchain where most of the CapEx/Infrastructure and much of the critical security is provided by Miners or Validators. They can build communities that replace layers and layers of bureaucracy. And what I’m about to say is what makes the crypto world so dramatically different and why it’s a model for future technology businesses and possibly all businesses."

Probably my fav UpOnlyTV Episode. 

"Profits are of no use. There is no company. I have mentioned that they think they have to make profits to put in their owner's pockets. There is no reason to financial engineer and manipulate EPS. This isn’t to say that they don’t have to cover the costs they have. They do. But their mission is not to maximize profits because in almost every crypto-based organization, they are decentralized. Every token is created equal. No matter who owns it. And every token owner gets to participate in the community. Yes, bigger owners get more votes, but there are not multiple classes of tokens. There aren’t VCs or Founders whose tokens get priority treatment as with stocks. (at least not that I know of) Decentralized and automated completely changes the game."


Listen as David & Ryan from the Bankless talk DeFi, NFTs, Ethereum, and the future of france with the 1 and only Mark Cuban!
We have been very impressed by Mark Cuban's depth of knowledge of the space and willingness to address the web3 community.
The lazy way to show off your NFTs.

PS: CONGRATULATIONS to @ABCSharkTank for winning "Best Business Show"

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