We, the members of this IKIGAI LABS art collective, believe that a curator-centric approach is crucial to the success and longevity of our community. We believe that curators play an essential role in shaping the direction of the collective and ensuring that the art we showcase is of the highest quality.

Therefore, we pledge to prioritize the role of the curator in our collective. We believe that the curator should have the power to select the art that is displayed in our exhibitions and galleries, and that this selection process should be based on a rigorous set of criteria that ensures that the art is both technically excellent and conceptually engaging.

We also believe that the curator should be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with artists, collectors, and other members of the art community. The curator should be a trusted liaison who can help artists develop their careers and find new opportunities to exhibit their work.

In addition, we believe that the curator should be compensated fairly for their work. We recognize that the role of the curator is critical to the success of our collective, and we pledge to ensure that our curators earn skin in the game for their expertise.

Finally, we believe that the curator should have a strong voice in the direction of the collective. While we recognize that all members of our community have valuable insights and perspectives to contribute, we believe that the curator's expertise and experience should be valued and respected.

We believe that by placing the curator at the center of our collective, we can create a vibrant and dynamic community that showcases the best of NFT art. We are committed to building a collective that is both artistically and financially sustainable, and we believe that a curator-centric approach is key to achieving this goal.


Florence Moll, a vital member of Ikigai Labs, is a renowned name in the world of photography. As the founder of FMA le Bureau, a Paris-based photography agency, she has spent her career identifying and cultivating talented artists. Florence bridges the gap between creative vision and commercial needs, crafting enduring partnerships and exhibiting artists' works in dedicated events.

Her passion extends to fostering emerging talent, as seen in her collaboration with institutes like Gobelins and ENSP in Arles. In 2017, Florence co-founded "Les Filles de la Photo," France's first professional female photography network, and served as its co-president until 2021.

Additionally, Florence is a trusted photography consultant and curator for institutions and private collectors. She spearheaded the first Observatory of Gender Mixity in the Photography ecosystem, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Kering under the "Women in Motion" program. Today, she co-leads the White Book of Good Practices of Les Filles de la Photo. Her commitment to nurturing talent and promoting diversity brings a unique and invaluable perspective to the Ikigai Labs team.