Dimitri Daniloff, co-founder of Ikigai Labs, is a unique figure in today's tech landscape, combining the worlds of art and technology. As the son of a sculptor, he was immersed in creativity from a young age, igniting his fascination with texture, materiality, and the human body. His passion for science and technology later led him to embrace the world of digital art.

His approach to photography and digital art is distinctive. Daniloff started transforming his images, constructing new scenes of everyday life by merging raw elements with real subjects. This style became his signature, earning him recognition in the advertising industry. His PlayStation campaign, featuring surreal deconstructed bodies, pushed the boundaries of conventional advertising and won him the Grand Prix award at Cannes.

His creative ambition led him to collaborate with electronic music pioneers Daft Punk on the Virtual Girl project in 2008. This collaboration marked a new chapter in his career, as he integrated 3D creations into his images, presenting a unique vision of an augmented human being.

Despite the commercial success of his work with high-profile brands including Nike, Sony PlayStation, and Audi, Dimitri has remained a relentless experimenter at heart. His venture, Ikigai Labs, is a testament to his innovative spirit. The company uses his digital art expertise to create immersive virtual experiences that challenge our perception of reality.

In his series "Human Unlimited", Daniloff explores the intersection of the physical and the virtual, a theme that resonates throughout his work at Ikigai Labs. He invites viewers to question their understanding of reality, sparking curiosity and driving innovation.

His work at Ikigai Labs goes beyond creating immersive virtual experiences. He is shaping the future of human interaction with the digital world, challenging our perceptions of reality, and exploring the boundaries of our consciousness.

As the digital and physical worlds converge, Dimitri stands at the forefront, leading the charge towards a future where reality is redefined. His work at Ikigai Labs isn't just about developing advanced technology; it's about challenging norms, pushing boundaries, and reimagining the world. As the world evolves, Dimitri will be there, always curious, always innovative, ready to redefine the possible.