Pixel Vault is a media company focused on elevating crypto-native assets across a variety of mediums through the development of intellectual property and empowered by decentralization.

Their team expands the story and lore of static on-chain assets, accruing value to both stakeholders and the broader crypto community, and is having fun doing it.

PUNKS the Comic launched the Genesis mint on May 10, 2021 to coincide with the highly anticipated CryptoPunks auction at Christie’s.

Issue #1, “The Hunt for the Lost Robbies” is loosely based on the
famed early crypto art given out in gift bags at the inaugural Christie’s Tech Summit in London in 2018. 300+ gift cards with instructions on how to claim the 1/1 NFT artworks by Robbie Barrat were distributed during the event, but only about two dozen have ever been claimed. As such, these works have become
a significant part of NFT art history.

Following this history, the story follows Beanie (a devout believer in
crypto art’s future) as he rises through the ranks of auction house busboy to world-renowned art critic (and flipper) in his quest for these enigmatic relics of crypto art history – the “Lost Robbies”. Beanie endures kidnappings, clowns, anons, and the mysterious Elvis Punksley, in what turns out to be a very wild ride.

PUNKS was born out of the desire to bring CryptoPunks NFTs to life. Widely considered to be the first NFT, CryptoPunks have soared in value over the last year as many crypto-enthusiasts have begun to use the characters as avatars. It has become an exclusive and very loyal club of just over 2000 holders. These CryptoPunks have begun to be associated with people’s real-life personas, but the NFTs have lacked depth given their 8-bit limitations. PUNKS provides just that – giving names, bodies, backstories, and a colorful narrative to the beloved NFT collection. Each PUNKS characters’ traits match the generatively assigned traits of one of the CryptoPunks NFTs in the Pixel Vault collection.

Pixel Vault takes things one step further - not only will buyers of PUNKS NFTs hold a piece of history, but they will have the ability to stake their comic for fractional ownership in the 16 CryptoPunks depicted in the story (approx. $3M in value at inception).

Long-term holders in PUNKS Issue #1 will be vested in the franchise, both literally and figuratively, as the NFTs appreciate in value alongside the success of the
collection’s characters.

Alternatively, buyers of PUNKS Comic also have the ability to burn their NFT for fractionalized ownership over the Pixel Vault Founder’s Vault, containing, among other works, serial 1/10,000 of the genesis PUNKS Comic, artwork by some of the most prominent artists in the NFT space, and even one of the original Robbie Barrat artworks from the 2018 Christie’s Tech Summit.

Perhaps most importantly, the PUNKS Comic returns 100% of all profits related to merchandising the franchise to the PUNKS token holders. While some projects may grant commercial rights to the NFT owner, it is rather difficult to monetize that IP in a meaningful way. PUNKS will leverage multi-channel marketing strategies and a team of professionals to effectively monetize the IP for backers and return real value.

DeFi economics meets art in a way that has never been seen – the adventure is just beginning. Visit PunksComic.com
Letter 12 - Punks Comics
Burn? Stake? Metapass? What? Let’s take a closer look

Issue #1 is tied to ownership of EITHER:

50% of the 16 CryptoPunks represented by $PUNKS token holders (stake your PUNKS Comic NFT to earn fractional $PUNKS tokens ...

OR Partnership in the Founder's Vault DAO, composed of 25% of the 16 CryptoPunks represented by $PUNKS token holders PLUS collective ownership of the other works in the Founder's Vault DAO (by burning your PUNKS Comic, Issue #1)

Only Issue #1 of the PUNKS Comic will be tied to ownership of these assets. Any subsequent issue of the PUNKS Comic may have its own unique value proposition, but they will not be tied to the ownership of the 16 main CryptoPunks or the Founder's Vault DAO. In addition, 27 random mints of Issue #1 will receive NFTs from either Hackatao, Killer Acid, or Robbie Trevino. Moreover, Pixel Vault will create and sell PUNKS Merchandise, the profits (100%) of which will be distributed to $PUNKS Token holders.

The estimated value of the 16 CryptoPunks owned by $PUNKS Token holders is 1,200+ETH.

The 16 CryptoPunks are: #8146 Beanie / #2146 Courtney / #2041 Hilary / #7848 Frank / #9723 The Futurist / #6014 Sgt. Wiggles /
#9057 Belcalis / #4852 Elvis / #1068 Cheetah / #1288 GFunk / #7547 Marvin / #2925 Randy / #5724 Elvira / #2152 FBI Special Agent Ivanova / #2963 Violet / #9973 The Skull

The value of burning vs. staking at the project's inception is very comparable, with each option calculated to be worth approx. 600+ETH. By burning your PUNKS Comic, Issue #1 NFT you receive a Pixel Vault Founder's Token providing proportional ownership of the Founder's Vault DAO, which includes the Vault's current contents as well as any future additions.

By staking your PUNKS Comic, Issue #1 NFT you will accrue $PUNKS tokens over a 24-month period, although you are not committed to staking for the full 24 months. By staking, you will also be able to keep your NFT with the option of eventually trading on a secondary market (such as OpenSea).

Longer-term, the value of burning vs. staking your NFT will be affected by A. the amount of PUNKS Comic, Issue #1 NFTs burned vs. staked (as one option may be rarer than the other), and B. the performance of the $PUNKS tokens vs. the Pixel Vault Founder's Token, keeping in mind that the Founder's Vault DAO will contain 25% of all outstanding $PUNKS tokens.

Use the Discord community to discuss the options and Do Your Own Research.