What if we use memberships to develop a relationship with our audience and generate recurring revenue to support the work of photographers and filmmakers?

Through vivid, audiovisual storytelling, we get at the heart of what’s most meaningful for people who want to live the #gobankless life. The UnbanksyTV Web3 Magazine sits at the intersection of storytelling, community development and web3 technology, with a core focus on living the DAO life, creating and collecting NFT's that align with our mission and vision.

We have enjoyed the golden years of printed media and experienced the downfall as well. It’s time to figure out ways to reward artists more efficiently.

Google and Facebook have taken all the available ad dollars, leaving publishers to fight for the last remaining scraps of revenue by any means possible. Clickbait, fake news, content-farms and outrage are the desperate final attempts to hold onto past traffic levels. Everyone is struggling with a viable business model for publishing, and an editorial strategy beyond trying to compete for as much traffic as possible.

Decentralized Autonomous Magazine

A magazine owned and governed by the contributors and readers. Where contributors submit articles, photos and videos. When contributors submit an article, they are also submitting a request for payment. If their submission reaches a support threshold they will be rewarded with $BANK tokens. The magazine will further explore the Unlock protocol for membership subscriptions

Dedicated to the Vision of Web3

The main challenge is to leverage existing social platforms for discovery & distribution, while creating a crypto-native frontend to connect with a DAO. Together with a bunch of innovators we are currently exploring crypto-economic models and primitives.

What can we do with a DAO in 2020?
That was the topic of my talk at EthCC[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cLjsr1d-KA&feature=youtu.be&list=PLrtFm7U0BIfWvoJy8DrspnI-6lMb64V7f&t=2290] this year. Year after year, DAOs enjoy more attention from the crypto communityand beyond, but we’re still far from prime-time exposure. My goal was …

"If you start a project, consider raising funds with bonding curves, foster initiatives through open proposals, make decisions using token and reputation-weighted voting rights, onboard new members collectively and transparently. Consider creating an open network of users, developers, and investors around it, and engineer a token system that will serve them all by giving them a voice and a share of the value they contribute to creating.