The Web3 Magazine sits at the intersection of storytelling, community development, and web3 technology. We have enjoyed the golden years of printed media and experienced the downfall as well. It’s time to figure out ways to reward content creators more efficiently.

Platforms hold our audiences and content hostage. They have a monopoly on our IP, creativity, and the value we create.

The main challenge is to leverage existing social platforms for discovery & distribution while creating a crypto-native frontend to connect with a DAO. The magazine will further explore the Zora Protocol to create, share and exchange valuable media. Zora’s protocol creates assets that contain a market and media component, allowing NFTs to become independent of the platforms they are issued on, a concept they have called “cryptomedia.”

The goal is to engineer a token system giving the community a voice and a share of the value they contribute to creating. Content will no longer be built on platforms. Platforms will be built on content.