The Underground Sistine Chapel is a free documentary on youtube telling the story of the street artist Pascal Boyart's construction of a modern Sistine Chapel in the heart of an old gold foundry in the suburbs of Paris, in what some would call a cut-throat area. The docu premiered on Jun 27, 2021. We have updated the article with a link to the Sotheby’s auction of 009 - St. Thomas by Pascal Boyart.

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The Underground Sistine Chapel is a documentary movie that follows the construction of a modern Sistine Chapel, by Pascal boyart, in the heart of a former gold foundry in an impoverished corner of the suburbs of Paris.
The history of a small secret world, which evolves under the radar of our societies.

We discover Men who have created their home there, a fragile balance of strong personalities, surreal stories. It is in this very place that one of the most promising street artists of his generation has decided to create his new monumental work: A Modern Sistine Chapel.

Documentary on youtube for free, but also on the IPFS network. To support the creation of free open documentaries owned by all, you can collect the NFTs made by Samurai Coop!

A free documentary directed by Yohann Grignou & Antoine Breuil, Samouraï Coop.

Sotheby's Auction: 009 - St. Thomas by Pascal Boyart