From a few dollars to millions to losing half of his money in march 2020 in the middle of quitting his job to go full time NFT we hear the awesome journey and rise of NateAlex.  NateAlex is a cofounder of NFT42 and has been in the space since 2017 where he got his start with CryptoKitties. He has also created 2 projects "Chainfaces" and "". (video)

nft42 is a development studio built by NFT experts for NFT users. We’re focused on delivering excellent products and services that are reliably on-chain, provably durable, and that empower Metaverse users in unprecedented ways.

With nft42 as our umbrella project, our three main spokes are Avastars, InfiNFT, and TokenSmart. It’s safe to say the Metalympics, our version of the Olympics but Metaverse style, is another spoke in the making right now.

nft42 Community Update #1: Building the Future of Digital Assets, Today
At nft42, our work as NFT experts has never been more exciting. The NFT economy has experienced major validations and new challenges this year, and all these developments have made it that much more meaningful to be pioneering at the bleeding edge of digital assets.