“The Reef Beneath” follows professional freediver Kimi Werner as she meets up with surfers Belinda Baggs and Wayne Lynch for a sailing journey along the Great Barrier Reef.  The reef is the world’s largest living structure and yet over half of its coral has been lost or damaged, mostly because of human impact.  On their journey the three sailors witness how time is running out to save it.

"How can we let it be threatened by something as obviously dangerous as the Carmichael coal mine? Proposed by giant Indian resource company Adani and located adjacent to the reef on the Galilee Basin in central Queensland, it will be the largest coal mine in Australia, and one of the largest in the world. It is the first in a number of coal mines proposed for the area that would cover a surface area five times bigger than Sydney Harbor. All of that coal would be shipped out from the Point Abbott terminal straight through the Great Barrier Reef, ..."

"The benefits of the Carmichael mine to the country are negligible. Adani has exaggerated the number of potential jobs the mine will create. At most the figure is around 1,500 jobs, if the mine reaches full capacity over 60 years. Meanwhile, much of the revenue generated by this mine will be leaving the country and going into overseas tax havens. Adani has also been under serious criminal investigation in its home country of India for corruption and breaches of environmental guidelines. Countering this, tourism on the reef currently generates six billion dollars annually and employs around 70,000 people. For the sake of what I feel is political expediency it’s not necessary to mine up there. There are other ways to create jobs in Queensland."

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