As we reflect on the early stages of our brand, LiveTheLifeTV, we recognize the beginnings that sparked our success. In 1999 we provided broadcast-quality WebTV tech and were featured on for our video-streaming partnership with Akamai. Interviewing icons from the action sports industry as a side-hustle.

We didn't have a formal content marketing strategy back then. Instead, we focused on publishing articles, photos, and videos on social media. With some private funds to boost our webtv content, we managed to garner organic views and traffic. Our Facebook profile was particularly instrumental in helping us reach our audience.

We hit several milestones along the way, including 1000 surf properties in 100 destinations, 100 million views through Google Ads (Adwords), 50 million+ views on Facebook, and organic growth of 75 thousand followers on Facebook, around 2010.

These milestones are a testament to our brand's DNA. From the beginning, we were passionate about curating unique travel and real estate experiences. We were determined to build a brand that stood out from the crowd, and our efforts paid off.

We're confident that our core brand DNA will continue to guide us on our odyssey.
During the first decade of this journey, the LTL HQ was located in j-Bay, South Africa. Living The Good Life! A Golden Era tbh
On-chain royalties, were our aha moment in 2017, ever since we developed a strong conviction that ERC721s will become the business model for all visual storytellers.

As LiveTheLifeTV continues to grow and evolve, we are excited about the potential that web3 holds. Our latest venture involves the IKIGAI Mint Pass NFT, which may one day start to offer membership perks at private small events. We believe that this innovative approach has great potential, and we will explore it further.

Token-Gated Events · Luma
Host exclusive events for your crypto community.

One of the ways that we plan to expand our offerings is by pursuing conversations with boutique hotels to offer additional benefits to our members. If possible, we may even rent out an Artist Residency for the entirety of a season, providing our members with unique and exciting opportunities to explore new destinations.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a boutique villa on our beachfront plot in Costa Rica, located 50m from an iconic surf spot known as Pavones. That's a starting point.

As we continue to explore these possibilities, we may even consider setting up a private investment club with the goal to develop the first IKIGAI Artist Residency.

We look forward to the journey ahead, and we invite you to join us as we pave the way for the future of LiveTheLifeTV. Join Discord or the OG Twitter to connect!

Mint your OG role for the IKIGAI LABS Discord if you want to be a part of this:

The End Of The Road
majine ze smell of waking up at the end of the road, majine a place to call hohm, and ride ze fam waves, sounds like gud vibes tbh, some may find IKIGAIthis may or may not be ze future of france

Yves, the co-founder of Ikigai Labs, is a seasoned innovator with a passion for blending technology, real estate, and travel. From pioneering WebTV in 1999 to recognizing the potential of on-chain royalties and ERC721s, Yves consistently embraces the future. His vision for Ikigai Labs extends beyond a digital marketplace, to include exclusive real estate experiences and a unique membership model. With a track record of digital successes and a forward-thinking mindset, Yves is a dynamic force leading Ikigai Labs into the Web3 era.

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