Thirdweb emerges as a lighthouse, guiding our creative endeavors. A holistic web3 development framework, Thirdweb offers an impressive suite of tools, enabling Ikigai Labs XYZ to connect our app to 700+ decentralized networks. Focus is on Mainnet Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and asap Berachain!

Let's dig a bit deeper, shall we?

At its core, Thirdweb provides pre-built contracts, crafted meticulously by the expert team. They're open-source, free to deploy (excluding gas fees), audited, and supported by a robust bug bounty program. They are fully owned by the creator.

Sounds a little too techy, doesn't it? Well, let me give you a picture. Imagine your contract as a smart library, storing crucial knowledge about its identity and past actions. Need to mint an NFT? Your contract hands over the task to Thirdweb's underlying smart contract, a well-oiled machine designed for efficiency.

Now, this library is versatile. With Thirdweb, Ikigai Labs XYZ can generate a plethora of digital collectible experiences, think limited edition series, open editions, reward-based curation, and art galleries. The sky is truly the limit!

Moreover, Thirdweb doesn't just offer the building blocks, but the scaffolding, the power tools, and even the safety gear. They provide flexibility in choosing different collectible types, a broad set of distribution options, integration with Shopify, and even tools to merge existing customer profile data with on-chain profiles.

Want to craft a custom contract using the Solidity SDK? Thirdweb's got you covered. Want to bridge your Web2 and Web3 customer data? They've got a toolkit for that. Heck, they even have an embeddable wallet and payment services that make it incredibly easy for customers to get onboard.

At Ikigai Labs XYZ, integrating Thirdweb into our tech stack has been a game-changer. It has not only streamlined our operations but also inspired us to innovate and push the boundaries of digital art. Thirdweb has proven to be more than just a tool, it has become a pivotal partner in our journey of creativity and innovation. It's a champion for creators and a true pioneer in the digital collectible landscape. With Thirdweb, the future of curated NFT drops and creator-owned contracts is here.

Wen 10x user experience?
By reducing complexity, sponsoring fees, enhancing security, expanding payment options, and empowering creators and users, we can significantly improve its platform’s UX and widen its reach to onboard more people into the vibrant world of Web3.
Token Bound Accounts (TBAs)
This idea opens up new avenues for curators, collectors, and art enthusiasts to interact, curate, and explore the possibilities of digital art in an immersive and dynamic manner under the guidance of Curators.
Seek to redefine the dynamics
Imagine a unique NFT that includes high-resolution downloadable files, augmented reality overlays, artist commentary, or special access to artist-led events. As the NFT changes hands, its wallet accrues a history of ownership and transactions, preserving the artwork’s story over time.