The world is divided into four nations -- the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads.
Combining elements from ancient greek culture, robotics, and 3D digital art with a photorealistic visual aesthetic.

The ancient Greeks were masters at picking up ideas from other cultures, mixing these with their own innovations, and producing unique contributions to world culture. Greek sculptors adored the human form, painters loved to tell stories on Greek pottery, and the Greek architectural orders can still be seen around the world today in all sorts of buildings. We might design a brand new metaverse museum for the Odyssey Art Gallery ...

Our Limited Edition (3,3) VR demo odysseydao

With fine Mediterranean weather, the Greeks were an outdoor people and it is then, perhaps no coincidence that they developed open-air theatre, political meetings, and philosophical discussions.

In this collection, we examine the major aspects of the culture and thinking of the ancient Greeks, from temple architecture to how to live a good life. Currently curating 3D artists to collab and writers to create a UG storyboard evolving from the old to the new world, and back to the future of france.

Love this feature at the Wicked Craniums ...

This is just a little teaser of a project that feels like a great fit for the LiveTheLifeTV & UnbanksyTV 3D Series. Collabs are πŸ”₯ The future of a DAO-2-DAO world?

It all starts by joining the Discord and sharing thoughts, ideas and stories.

About UnbanksyTV DAO

Created for Artists. Owned by Artists. Developing an NFT market and social platform. UnbanksyTV is an NFT fund and digital art production studio. We are a media hub and studio dedicated to 3D CryptoArt and NFTs, providing curatorial services, Visual Storytelling, and NFT consultancy. We create unique curated video content and editorials, host live interviews and panels, and build a community of creators to support and amplify the evolution of the NFT ecosystem.

3D Artists and collectors alike can mint, collect, and sell rare digital art. The idea is to create a project more ambitious than any single artist could do on their own. 3D Artists become members of the guild in exchange for tokens and receive a percentage of sales based on the art they contribute. No company or platform gets in-between members, artists, and collectors.

We started exploring erc721 in 2018 mainly to work on art-related royalties. Recently we connected with Dimitri Daniloff, the master behind the Daft Punk artwork and the iconic Playstation ads. He represents the exact reason why we got excited about NFT's in the first place.

His NFT’s are groundbreaking visual storytelling, where he scans objects and turns them into immersive art pieces that will fit right into our narrative. The UnbanksyTV DAO has the ambition to use the NFT bank feature of DAOhaus to create, curate, and collect iconic NFT's and represents our fire to empower artists by leveraging smart contracts to mint NFT's with a focus on giving artists more control over the licensing terms and unlock ways to deliver art to the metaverse world.

The best example of what it means when we say β€œmetaverse” is Ready Player One. The ambition is to create AR/VR worlds where users express themselves through unique NFT avatars, decorative NFT assets, and fashionable NFT accessories.

Buy, sell & showcase NFTs as a DAO

The initial target is the fan of the β€œcyber renaissance,” which is at the intersection of Defi, DAO's, and NFT's. The perfect environment for any community to thrive, rise to power, create value, and decide their faith together is distributing the voting-power and governance rights amongst the NFT holders themselves. Our DAO for will help distribute power and decision-making amongst all those who have helped to build it.

The β€œcyber renaissance,” Β the intersection of DAO's, and NFT's with DeFi Mechanics.