Our primary drops have been thoughtfully priced and every season we will unveil a new curator, during our first year Florence Moll is lending her artistic vision.

We will provide NFT communities spots on the allowlist for our Season Zero OG Mintpass. The iconic artwork by Dimitri Daniloff will serve as your entree ticket and provide 3-year VIP access to our Ikigai Labs Membership.

We believe that focusing on our 999 true fans will help us to achieve our goal more efficiently and effectively. By nurturing a community of individuals who are passionate about what we have to offer, we can gain valuable insights into what they want and need from us, and how we can better serve them.

For those seeking an exclusive and stress-free experience, we present the VIC Membership Pass. With only 1111 passes available during year one, priced at 420 USDC. As a pass holder, you become an esteemed member of the phase 1 allow list, securing every piece with a serene 24-hour minting window.

The remaining supply will find its way into the hands of the public through allow lists, accompanied by tighter minting windows. These lucky individuals include past collectors of the artists, members of diverse communities, and, as we grow, our very own cherished community of collectors. Together, we'll forge an interconnected tapestry of artistic appreciation and celebration.

In recognition of your devotion and loyalty, we have prepared enticing rewards for collecting and holding our curated art pieces. As a testament to your commitment, collecting the first two drops in a season grants you a remarkable gift—a free airdrop from a rising star in the space. It's our way of acknowledging your support and fostering the connection between artists and collectors.

For those who wholeheartedly embrace our curated art collections by collecting all four season drops and holding them throughout the year, an extraordinary opportunity awaits.

While our plan is subject to evolution as we embrace the insights and feedback from our vibrant community, this sets the stage for our grand venture. We are poised to embark on an artistic odyssey, where creativity knows no bounds, and the interplay of art and community thrives.

Join us, visionary artists and art enthusiasts, as we step into this realm of curated art. Welcome to Ikigai Labs, where art flourishes and dreams come alive.