After Winter Storm Hercules unleashed the Black Swell onto the old continent, a host of the world’s best big wave surfers, including Shane Dorian, Benjamin Sanchis, Jamie Mitchell, and “Twiggy”, tackled some extraordinarily big waves.

Quick and dirty edit less than 12 hours after the paddle session in Belharra, France on January 7th 2014. A historic event, very much like the fact that we will be allowed back in the water starting the 16th of May. Hope we're not going to face a second C19 wave. Stay safe!

Cinematography by: Vincent Kardasik
Edit & Post Production by: Julie Kardasik
Cover Image: Aurélien Laborde !!!

She's Gone by The Ragged Jubilee
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Surfers: Shane Dorian/Benjamin Sanchis/Jamie Mitchell/Grant "Twiggy" Baker/Peyo Lizarazu/Pilou Ducalme/Stephane Iralour/Justine Dupont/Seb Saint-Jean

Special thanks: François Liets/Seb Saint-Jean/Yann Benetrix/Fifi le "Bop"/Thierry/Krawiec/David Dubes/Benjamin Sanchis/Shane Dorian/Justine Dupont/Laurent Pujol/Vincent Lartizien

Shot on Red Epic. ©L/K-rtel 2014