From hackathons to ice-breakers, panel discussions to workshops. We will discuss the economics, development, regulation and best practices around blockchain-based tokens, protocols, and crypto-assets. Specifically, some of the key topics of this conference will include community buidling, governance tools, liquidity challenges, money legos and funding. Join us at this gathering, grouping the best minds for a wide range of events and not just conferences. Every event we try hard to deliver highly relevant interactions and empower organizations and communities in achieving effective collective progress.

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Dec 28 / 2020 / 4.00 PM CET / Welcome Session IV

The lounge area allows you to switch between virtual tables to join exciting conversations about specific topics. We highly recommend you show up early to explore our speed meetings feature.


January 21 / 4.30 PM CET / Dapps that feel like apps

What if tripadvisor and instagram had a crypto lovechild? Wat if we provide content creators with tokens instead of just “likes” to establish a clearer rewards structure within the app, designed to serve a curating function, as users are less likely to send tokens to creators of content that doesn’t truly appeal to them. What if our position-dependent app can prove that a customer has arrived at your restaurant or hotel so that the smart contract can trigger a reward?

Through personalization, Netflix serves up “what to watch,” Amazon “what to buy,” and Spotify “what to listen to”, so what if our long-term value prop is knowing your favorite places well enough to offer “what to do, where to go and who to do it with?” Shaka Places will be the first privacy-first location-based dapp to share magic places and reward content, code & design.