Ikigai Labs considers creating an eco-villa in Pavones, Costa Rica, that can serve as both an artist residency and a hub for web3 coding workshops. The total cost of establishing the villa is estimated at $500,000, which includes the purchase of the land. The villa will be constructed using eco-friendly materials with a solar rooftop.

We are committed to creating a sustainable future and preserving the natural beauty of Pavones, Costa Rica. We will also work closely with local businesses and organizations to support the local community and promote responsible tourism.

Ikigai Labs is excited to bring our unique blend of art and technology to Pavones.

Through the efforts of volunteers, the Punta Banco Turtle Conservation Project provides an opportunity to be a part of making our world a better place. This grassroots effort relies on donations or funding. Punta Banco Turtle Conservation Project participation can be prearranged before a stay at the Pavones Point HQ.

Rentals & Amenities - Pavones Point
Rent a condo in our beach front Costa Rica surf resort and enjoy a wide range of luxurious amenities for your stay.

Here's the thing, we do NOT need to build to LTL. We can simply rent here, and enjoy a stressless UX, and focus more on the DX

We may soon announce an initiative to invite two generative art creators, and one filmmaker / photographer to spend 30 days in Pavones, Costa Rica. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates to "a reason for being." Finding one's ikigai can be a life-changing experience, leading to increased fulfillment and happiness.

The two selected artists will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Pavones, a small town on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. During their stay, they will have access to a private studio space and receive mentorship from our team of experienced artists.

Generative art is a form of art that involves the use of algorithms and computer programs to create unique and original works of art. It is an emerging field that combines technology and creativity, and we believe that Pavones is the perfect place to inspire new creations.

We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to talented artists," said V1 Punk #5876. Pavones is a unique destination that fosters creativity and innovation. We believe that spending quality time in this beautiful place will provide the inspiration and focus necessary for the artists to find their ikigai.

To apply for this opportunity, artists will be curated and invited to submit their portfolios and a personal statement explaining why they believe they would benefit from living life in Pavones. Applications will be accepted until September 15th, 2023, and the selected artists will be announced on October 1st, 2023.