Just the idling engine of our boat. The soundless rise and fall of the Indian Ocean’s swell. A slight breeze and the sun breaking through the morning haze. Not a noise from the passengers either.

We’re all too busy staring out over the gunmetal-grey water looking for that telltale sign: the waterspout. A 10-metre-high exhale from giant lungs that is the signal of a blue whale breaking the surface.

Galle, Yala and the south coast of Sri Lanka has long been known as a hotspot for whale-watching. Many of the ocean’s iconic cetacean species swim in the warm waters here, including humpbacks, pygmy whales, fin whales, sperm whales, minke whales and killer whales.

The ace in the sleeve though is the high likelihood of encountering the biggest of them all. The blue whale. Put simply, Sri Lanka - and Galle especially - is the best place on the planet to see blue whales. But it’s not just these majestic giants that draw wildlife-watchers to the island. If you’re a lover of the natural world, Sri Lanka is a must-visit destination. The sheer wealth and diversity of the species found on wildlife-specific Sri Lanka tours is dazzling.

As well as the largest creature in the world, this country is home to the largest sea turtle species – the leatherback. Like green turtles and Olive Ridley, nesting turtles can be seen on the beaches of Jetwing Lighthouse in Galle and Jetwing Yala.

Also in Yala National Park is the Sri Lankan elephant, one of the largest land mammals on Earth.

And, of course, that great apex predator of this island: the Sri Lanka leopard. All in all, this is truly a land of giants. And with a little luck and the right guide and tour, you can see all of them in just 72-hours.

The best surf season at the on the southwest (hikkaduwa etc) is from November to march and then on the east coast (arugam bay) from may to september. The coast from Arugam Bay to Hikkaduwa is littered with long sand bottom point breaks and hidden reefs.

Located in the world famous surfing destination of Pottuvil is the luxurious holiday retreat Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing. It offers stylish modern comfort in an idyllic setting. Embark on a culinary journey that will take you from traditional Sri Lankan fare to Eastern and Western favourites.

A candle lit dinner for two on the beach, or a BBQ for family and friends; the dining options at the luxury beach villa are endless. Savour the delectable sea food specialities that are prepared to perfection by our experienced chefs, or choose from the wide range of home style cooked meals which can be prepared to suit your preferences.

The coastal tourist destination of Pottuvil offers perfect locations for surfing, snorkeling and swimming. Located on the wide sweeping beaches of the “surfer’s paradise”, Kottukal Beach House is the perfect venue for a close to nature holiday experience. The national parks of Yala, Kumana and Lahugala are close enough for nature lovers to visit on a day trip, while boat rides through the mangroves of the Pottuvil Lagoon or fishing expeditions with local fishermen can be organized on request.

Xtreme Nature Tours can cater for up to 6 guests in each personalized 4WD vehicle, designed to comfortably overcome even the harshest terrain and to thrill with river crossings, beach drives and jungles treks. Guests have access to state of the art equipment to study the flora and fauna that is so rich on this stunning island. Nature enthusiasts will leave knowing that they have been as close to nature as is humanly possible.