The Whole Earth Catalog (WEC) was an American counterculture magazine and product catalog published by Stewart Brand several times a year between 1968 and 1972, and occasionally thereafter, until 1998. The magazine featured essays and articles, but was primarily focused on product reviews.

The editorial focus was on self-sufficiency, ecology, alternative education, "do it yourself" (DIY), and holism, and featured the slogan "access to tools".

While WEC listed and reviewed a wide range of products, it did not sell any of the products directly. Instead, the vendor's contact information was listed alongside the item and its review. This is why, while not a regularly published periodical, numerous editions and updates were required to keep price and availability information up to date.

Below is a summary of the newsletter by @albiverse about the web3 tools that we plan to use to organize the LiveTheLifeTV Magazine and the LTL Maps App into a semantic web which refers back to the future and the Whole Earth Catalog.

Aragon - Governance and Decision-Making?
SourceCred - Tracking and Rewarding Contributions?
Abridged - Onboarding and Navigation?

“Before that Collab19 had used the bot to collect donations and pool them in an Aragon organization, then issue donations to charities fighting against COVID-19. A nice feature of the bot is that it automatically generates an Ethereum account when the user engages with it. The only thing the user has to do is to fund his account using debit card. This abstracts quite a bit of complexity in interacting with Ethereum.” As soon as I read the above it "clicked".

For now, this could be the ultimate tech stack to solve the crypto UX problem?

Aragon organisations have many different apps or features. Today though, they seem to be mostly used for two things. 1. distribute tokens to your community members. They can represent memberships, voting rights, money or all three at the same time 2. let them use the tokens to vote on things they care about.

SourceCred tracks events on Discord or Github and calculates scores for contributors to thread, discussion or code repository. In return, contributors earn tokens. They receive weekly rewards in tokens generated from an Aragon organisation. These tokens will be redeemable against goods or services.

So, @sourcecred to mint contribution based tokens into Aragon DAOs? Amazing! This is the kind of thing, like @reddit Ethereum Community Points, that will advance the legacy web to web3.

The DAO Missing Link: Reputation Protocols
Exploring the SourceCred reputation protocol in the context of DAOs

The Abridged team aims to address the different segments of DAO Ops. For now, they are focusing on a bot which can be customized for your community's needs and used for many cool things. Including smooth onboarding of new members, navigating useful community resources and links, and create token permissioned chat rooms.

Here's another teaser DEMO

It looks like the Internet has become exactly what Bowie predicted in 1999.
Summoning the Spirit of DAO Ops
This post assumes prior understanding of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Here’s a great resource if you’re new to DAOs. Online communities have always been at the heart of the Internet (ie…

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