The Wicked Craniums are the pictorial representation of the 10,762 Craniums that belong to the island of Osseous. They have over 180 differentiable features. Each cranium is also your ticket to The Cradle, a member's only social platform. Wicked Cranium has emerged as the new buzz in the NFT marketplace, reaching $4 million in sales in just two days.

I have often wondered why I didn't ape into the OG Cryptopunks years ago, they are now on average 14 ETH, some of the rare ones have auctioned for millions of dollars by Sotheby's, and by now they are way too expensive for me to join the club.  

I watched the Bored Ape YC series launch, considered getting a few, but again, I didn't ape in, although I found them funny, I like the aesthetics, but I guess at first I didn't take them seriously. I dedicated some time to understand the culture a bit better. Who's behind this, why are the cheapest as expensive as 3.3 ETH, and what did they do right for it to create a community as big as the Bankless DAO and the Olympus DAO.

So, enter the "The Wicked Craniums". Is this the moment I finally just ape in and become part of a culture that could be considered not just a copycat but an iteration on the OG Cryptopunks I love and respect so much that I used the John Mc Enroe Avatar as my profile image on social media. However, they have failed to buidl a community, got zero traction, and are not as cool as I first thought. I'm still unsure if I want to send them to a burner address or keep them in the UnbanksyTV gallery.

A Tennis Homage to the OG Punks
Inspired by icons from the surf industry like Spreckels and Miki Dora, they all loved to play tennis, the avatar we use for the LiveTheLifeTV and UnbanksyTV Twitter account is a play on that. And now people think my alter ego, is a fricking tennis shoe. What’s not to love?

I grew up on the ’80s skull graphics, so I was in

The Wicked Craniums have a look and feel that reminds me of my early days in skateboarding where all my fav boards, shirts, pants, wheels, sweaters had skulls. Even my bearings were called "bones". My favorite skate team was and is "The Bones Brigade"... So aside from that reference, I noticed that a few days after the launch (fuck I missed out, again!) ... the community of Cryptopunks and Bored Apes YC (#BAYC), showed respect for the project.

The community grew to 4000+ in under 4 days. WTF! I bought 3 the past 3 days ...

More to #TWC than meets the eye

  • 20% Sold: A Wicked Cranium Merchandise Store will be kicked off
  • 40% Sold: 10 Cranium Sculptures will be mailed to random owners
  • 60% Sold: A Theme Song will be released
  • 80% Sold:  Limited collection of trading cards will be dropped
  • 100% Sold:  Augmented Reality mobile app +  Liquidity Pool
Each owner is entitled to the usage and commercial rights of their NFT 🤯 💀 💰

Wicked Craniums, an Ethereum-based, algorithmically-generated NFT project, launched on June 20 and all 10,762 pieces were sold out within the first 30 minutes. The NFTs were available to mint for 0.06 ETH, bringing the total raised by the project to 645 ETH worth $1.3M.

The party continued on OpenSea, where a steady flow of buying pushed the floor price to 0.3 ETH, a 5x return in just a few hours. One lucky minter hit the jackpot with a rare Emerald Cranium wearing a Crown, which sold for 19 ETH!

In less than 48 hours, the project had gained remarkable traction and was ranked No. 2 on OpenSea. With 2,428 holders, it had even surpassed Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks. Wicked Craniums sat right below Bored Apes, an NFT project, which in just two months, commands a floor price of 3.3 ETH, 41 times their mint price of 0.08 ETH.

Update: After six days ...

  • 2,900 Unique Owners
  • 3,700 ETH in volume
  • 4,233 Discord Members
  • Amazing Community

Healthy skepticism

"Craniums are being compared to BAYC but I am not seeing the community or dev commitment to warrant such hype. It's an awesome project with awesome artwork, but it still has a lot to prove before we compare it to Bored Apes. I love Craniums but we need healthy skepticism right now" @digitalartchick

The Rarible royalty standard

I would love to see the platform governed by a DAO ($TWC holders). Platforms like Rarible and Opensea are centralized and all take a % cut of the resale royalties. If you mint an NFT on Opensea, then re-sell it on Rarible - you as the creator of the NFT will not receive your owed royalty?  However, if you mint your NFT on Rarible, you will receive your owed royalties if it is resold on both Rarible and Opensea. This is why we will adopt the Rarible royalty standard, which means if you mint our UnbanksyTV Genesis Series - you will receive your owed royalties if resold on Opensea or Rarible. We will do a DeFi style distribution of tokens to ensure good decentralization of our DAO. And we can later add yield farming available for certain tokens like sOHM, BANK, FWB PRO, and HAUS.

We will take a 33.33% cut of the initial sale, all of which will be sent to the DAO. A 33.33% cut on resale royalties goes to the artist. The remaining 33.33% goes to the supporting DAO, in some case that will be the Olympus DAO treasury, in others the Bankless DAO treasury, and in the case of our Genesis Drop for our media portal, the UnbanksyTV DAO. Any ETH raised will go to the DAO, which is governed by the token holders. To be honest, we are not even sure we need our own token (yet), we want to back sOHM, BANK, FWB PRO, and HAUS before we would even consider airdropping an $LTL token.

With so much exciting activity at Olympus and Bankless, and so many ways to explore DAO-to-DAO collabs, we are keeping our own LiveTheLifeTV Discord server intentionally small. And at the same time, this opens up an opportunity to experiment with the Dunbar metric. I mean, seriously, we have an army of 5000+ ohmies, a 5000+ media and culture DAO at the Bankless, the super dope OG's at DAOhaus, and the cutting-edge FWB Pro community. That's enough to keep us busy 247! However, if you feel like exploring our invitation-only DAO, jump into the server and introduce yourself, we're always keen to make new friends!

Discord Autonomous Organization
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Art is the frontend, DeFi is the backend

While the aesthetics of may not be my cup of tea, I love how well thought out their integration is with DeFi as a backend for the Generative Art. The people that run the show are not just being backed by DeFi, but by the talent pool that is barnebridge, the fluctuations derivatives protocol for hedging yield sensitivity and market price. Also, they already SOLD OUT! Congratz!!

It's not easy to price the value on secondary markets. This makes speculators and flippers confused and potentially annoyed. Usually, once an NFT project is fully minted, the rarity traits are known and fixed, with buyers taking confidence in “well this is worth more because it’s rare and will continue to be rare”.

The guys at thought of a clever way to deal with that. If you own 1 Polymorph, you can re-roll all the traits for 0.1 ETH. this means that the rarity traits across all 10,000 NFTs will be ever-changing. You can also re-roll individual traits which is priced on a bonding curve. It gets more expensive as you re-roll. 0.1 ETH, then 0.2 ETH etc. Interesting game theory has been introduced into the core mechanics of Polymorph NFTs. But this still doesn't count as pure "DeFi" is the backend the way we envision it. I could go on and on about this topic, but I want to reserve some thoughts for later and avoid dropping too much alpha at this stage.

We are currently working on not just ways to back the floor price of the NFT's, we are writing down some ideas about our "marketing strategy", our DAO-to-DAO "grant strategy", and some thoughts on buidling an immersive experience

That's it, it's a wrap (for now). Below are some links if you are still energized to read more about The Wicked Craniums. The Rarity Tools site is not very pretty but it's a super useful tool to explore the level of rarity. Go figure! The Dune Analytics is a fork of the BAYC and super insightful metrics can be found there. Thanks Danner!!! Other than that, if you want to learn more, there's really only one way; experience it! Not financial advice, but yes you could still get a Wicked Cranium at OpenSea for as little as 0.25 ETH. The official Wicked Cranium site does not have much additional info at this stage, but we're being told that is about to change! All the way at the bottom you can find proof of our passion for collecting NFT. Some will see them as worthless JPG's on the blockchain, similar to worthless governance tokens in DeFi. We're not here to hype you to buy some, but it's something we're extremely passionate about, so I can't help but report on my NFT addiction.

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**The Wicked Craniums** are the pictorial representation of the 10,762 Craniums that belong to the island of _Osseous_.
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