We will highlight some of the key reasons why DAOhaus is the perfect place for LTL Code Art DAO to summon an on-chain DAO. If you are unfamiliar with the MolochDAO framework, we highly recommend you check out this great explainer on Molochs and DAOs generally, which can be found here.

Layer the DAOhaus platform on top of MolochV2, and what you get is a kick-ass dapp for being able to deploy, manage, and coordinate your community in a semi-trustless and permissionless environment. The DAOhaus DAO model combines several factors that make for a strong permissioned core team with skin in the game, achieved through:

  • Token tribute/staking into the core treasury
  • A secondary vault for non-ragequitable funds
  • Arbitrary contract execution leveraging Minions

For those unfamiliar with ragequit, it serves as a pertinent function in Molochs that allows members to turn in their membership shares for a pro-rata claim on the underlying assets held in the main treasury. Β 

To get a taste of the UI/UX, we encourage you to go to the explore page on the DAOhaus app, this is where you can see all of the DAOs on the DAOhaus platform:

You may remember the original DAOhaus interface, it got some recognition at ETHBerlin a few years ago. Well, they kept building, and it is now a full-fledged platform of community tools, built by the communities that use them. Β The LAO, MetaCartel Ventures, RaidGuild, and a bunch of others. Β Check this for the initial vision of DAOhaus.

πŸ• LTL CA DAO Governance

In addition to a slick and user-friendly interface, DAOhaus presents some nifty features that could directly benefit our DAO as it continues to refine its organizational structure into the future. LTL CA DAO could deploy on xDAI, Polygon, or Ethereum Mainnet. Β With an xDAI or Polygon deployment, LTL CA DAO could engage in low-overhead and inexpensive on-chain governance, allowing maximum experimentation. Skin in the game is a direct result of having members stake their tokens into the DAO.

LFG The UnbanksyTV Avatar Series
The ancient Greeks were masters at picking up ideas from other cultures, mixing these with their own innovations, and producing unique contributions to world culture. Greek sculptors adored the human form, and they loved to tell stories.

πŸ˜… Enter $LTL token. Β 

Instead of members having to hold $LTL in their wallets to participate in governance or in the discord, they could hold DAO shares, which grant voting power. Β This exchange could be done by having members submit β€œtribute” to the DAO through a membership proposal, and in return, those members receive an equitable amount of shares. Β The number of shares received for a given amount of tributed $LTL would be based on a selection of factors decided on by the LTL Code Art DAO. This would allow the LTL Code Art DAO to free up capital that is currently held in wallets, and make it available to DAO members to coordinate and allocate funds to projects of our choosing, denominated in $LTL or any ERC-20 supported by the LTL Code Art DAO (BANK, HAUS, OHM, FWB PRO, ... )

🦾 Novelties of this DAO framework

Once LTL Code Art DAO members are onboarded, the massive DAO coordination game could begin, with on-chain voting and execution happening at every member's fingertips. LTL Code Art DAO could spin up a Minion, or an Arbitrary Contract Executor (ACE) that would allow the DAO to collectively hold any asset of the DAOs choosing and interact with any other smart contracts.

What is really neat, outside of the fact that we could collectively hold NFTs or tokens of projects that we collectively believe in, is that any assets held by the Minion Vault are non-ragequitable, which means if a member ragequits from the LTL Code Art DAO, they will not receive any of the assets held within the LTL Code Art DAO minion, only the DAO itself. Β If any members would want to ragequit, the DAO framework makes it fairly easy for members to join and leave their DAO.

Additionally, there are a myriad of Boosts that can be added to a DAOhaus DAO, some of which are still underdevelopment (like Pool-Parties), but others are live in-action and being used by DAOs across the platform. Β You can learn more about boosts here.

We believe boosts will be the future of interDAO coordination and composability, and we think soon DAO2DAO relations will play an instrumental role in the growth and scalability of DAO ecosystems!

πŸ‘Where DAOhaus is Headed?

So DAOhaus is a permissionless platform for deploying DAOs, and the goals of the community to decentralize have materialized in the deployment of the DAOofDAOs, or UberHaus, a DAO for managing all of the DAOs on the DAOhaus platform. By decentralizing incrementally, DAOhaus believes that all of the DAOs on the platform will be able to assume responsibility for certain functions that the core team is currently serving within DAOhaus. Β This is a wider goal and ambitious, but we’re hopeful they’ll get there with time. UberHaus is composed of +70 DAOs on the DAOhaus platform, and it is tasked with test driving the platform forward and governing it back into the future. Β To learn about how UberHaus came to rise, check out this post.

☎️ Influencing Culture & Direction

Not only will LTL Code Art DAO deploy on DAOhaus, but it wants to level up and get involved in UberHaus DAO governance. Β This would give LTL Code Art DAO a direct say over where to take the DAOhaus platform in the future, and possibly influence DAO development and governance more broadly. Β 

πŸ”₯Cultural and Community Fit

We think LTL Code Art DAO has a lot to say on this matter, and as a patron the phrase β€œIt is not what your DAO can do for you, it is what you can do for your DAO” comes to mind. This is the same question that DAOhaus asks DAOs before they join UberHaus (what can your DAO do for UberHaus), and it is the basic tenet of proving value, merit, and commitment to an organization you’re passionate about joining. Β Above all else, we see there is a lot of overlap between what LTL Code Art DAO is building and what DAOhaus is providing, an open/permissionless community and infrastructure for collaborating on projects that we collectively deem are valuable.

πŸ”Ž Core Concepts and Ideas:

  • The future of work is not only for crypto tech nerds and degens.
  • A global team of designers, visual storytellers, NFT collectors, artists, and web3 devs can unite under a DAO, lower coordination costs and amplify value.
  • Allow LTL Code Art DAO to expand their own DAO story
  • Member benefits - connecting with other DAO's and leverage the network needed to excel in the web3 space together with FWB Pro, Bankless DAO, Olympus DAO and obviously UBERhaus, the DAO of DAO's.
  • Provide a much needed crypto-native studio that will focus on our niche (treasury mgmt, artists, art collectors), consult projects, build software / smart contracts to solve common problems, train people in our vertical, invest in projects, and become a DAO with a legal wrapper

LTL Code Art DAO Configuration

Entry Requirements πŸ‘€

  • Entry is permissioned but growth is encouraged. Any competent potential member will be accepted if they meet the minimum requirements:
  • 500 xdai membership pledge (100 shares)
  • Shares represent ownership
  • At least one of the following:
  • web3 dev experience
  • DAO/crypto experience

Potential members who don’t have the minimum financial pledge can work their way into the DAO via sweat equity. This will be managed on a case-by-base basis.

  • ACE - arbitrary contract execution

While we want to propose our current projects to DAOhaus, Bankless DAO, FWB Pro and Olympus DAO, we want the LTL Code Art DAO to be the IP owner of the LiveTheLife brand, the LiveTheLife.TV ENS and leverage the fact that this brand is perfectly aligned with our core mission and vision and above all our culture code. If other DAO's or projects want to support these proposals with time, energy or funds we will reward them a share in the LTL Code Art DAO and offer them a piece of the IP that we have been accumulating the past two decades, also known as LTL.

Treasury Structure πŸ’Έ

The main DAO Treasury will manage members, hold member fees, give out grants, etc. The DAO Vault Minion will hold consultation revenue, client spoils (client project tokens, etc), HAUS stream from UberHaus DAO, eventual actively managed treasury.

Key Benefits 🀯

  • Participatory ownership.
  • Easy exit for members
  • Skin in the game with member tribute/staking
  • Member management and weighted voting
  • On-chain voting and execution
  • Flexibility in configurations.
  • With ragequitable and non ragequitable vaults.
  • NFT vaults Scalability, with different roles for different engagement.
  • Active core team, community centric builders


phase 0 πŸ“…

  • Launch LTL Code Art DAO on xDAI / Matic
  • Setup manifesto, discord, forum and initial handbook
  • Edito website which directs to the DAO/Discord/etc.
  • Run bi/weekly meetings on Open Stage and/or Clubhouse
  • Quarterly Newsletter (onboard 10 writers)
  • Explore collaboration w/FWP Pro, BanklessDAO, OHM, ...
  • Build the community (onboard 100 artists)

phase 1 (genesis) 🍾

  • Member fees in OHM, HAUS, xDAI, FWB Pro, BANK, ...
  • Build processes and define short, medium, long term goals
  • Establish a strong core leadership group
  • Community Contribution Offering (CCO)

Phase 2 πŸŽ‰

  • Launch token & 100 Genesis NFT's (see Proposal #1)
  • Airdrop token to current members, and stakeholders in Olympus DAO, Bankless DAO Community, Friends With Benefits Pro, DAOhaus, ...
  • Begin accepting membership fees in OHM, HAUS, xDAI, FWB Pro, BANK, ...
  • Make Proposals to other protocols, DAO's and web3 / NFT projects ...

πŸš€ Next steps…

Summoning Members:

  • 0x123…
  • 0x456…
  • …

Main Treasury / Vault setup / Enzyme setup

UberHaus Delegate:

  • 0x321…

Scheduled Meetings