Wise is a decentralized Ether-backed investment tool programmed to earn users' interest when locked up over periods of time (similar to a bond).

Update: it is now the #1 crypto trending crypto on @DEXToolsApp! The world's first Ethereum bond is making a big impact in the DeFi space and its still early! WISE has less than 10,000 unique wallets.

Uniswap Info

Wise started with a 50 day auction period, where anyone could deposit ETH to reserve Wise tokens every day. In general 5 000 000 tokens were distributed each day. The team had the same chance to invest in Wise as everyone else for all 50 days. And so they did, with all of the other lucky people, finding Wise before the listing on Uniswap

WISE Token smart contracts. Contribute to livethelifetv/wise-token-contracts development by creating an account on GitHub.

Note: I'm not sold on the design, the frontend UI, and branding but I appreciate the founder. His mission and our vision are aligned. The past eight years I have read many many white papers and these contracts solves a few key issues that have kept us awake at night! So we are exploring the code in detail.

1) Nonprofit

2) No team owned tokens

3) 96.2% ETH is sent to form Uniswap liquidity

4) Contract burns Uni LP tokens after creating liquidity

5) WISE is an ecosystem that rewards stakers with interest

6) Has a top tier referral program

Here's the full story

In 2016 I was a mobile gamer, YouTuber, and real estate entrepreneur. That all changed after discovering crypto, because my imagination was captured by blockchain technology. I studied Bitcoin and crypto for years, burying myself deep in white papers and blog forums. I knew this was something special, and I wanted to be the first to find the gem projects I knew were possible. In this process I became a full time crypto investor, but even though I was able to make good money in crypto, the project gems I was looking for did not exist. Fast forward to today and I ended up creating the exact project I was looking for because I knew it wouldn't exist unless I created it myself. Here are my thoughts that brought me to this point and here are the links for my project:

White paper: https://wisetoken.net/teal

The #1 most valuable aspect to me about blockchain technology is $0 overhead cost systems. Let that sink in for a minute. Anyone can create a coded system on a secure blockchain, upload their smart contract, and walk away from it forever, knowing it's going to do whatever it's designed to do without ever having to pay anything or provide maintenance. Users can interact with that contract for sometimes sub one cent costs for doing transactions (and yes, I know ETH gas fees are currently high, but this is beside the point). Think of every financial product in the world being offered by Bank of America, Chase, etc. How much overhead cost does it take in order to offer these often lousy investment opportunities of CDs, bonds, mortgages, and so on? They have buildings to upkeep, employees to pay, executives to enrich, stockholders who want dividends, and the list goes on. That's a lot of money to bring you these lousy investment products and 0.01% ROI on your savings account funds! What if all that overhead cost went straight to the customers? Every financial tool banks offer can be put on blockchain and even significantly improved when coded into a smart contract using sound logic and a solid understanding of economic systems. The beauty of this is that once created, it costs nothing to upkeep, and the would be overhead costs are converted into profits for the public users' benefit.

I searched for years for this kind of crypto, thinking it would be inevitable that someone would create one soon, but I came up short handed. Why? I blame it mostly on pure greed, but I would say it's also about investors not being willing to take on risk, lack of market making tools, and the tried and true silicon valley business model that no one is deviating from. Let's talk about each of these:

Investors and crypto creators won't take on risk in a crypto project because it's too easy for them to build a golden parachute for themselves in the beginning. Crypto is new, and many have no idea how to evaluate tokenomics. If the crypto crowd were shy to invest in projects with massive percentages of pre-mined tokens and other centralized aspects creators often build into supposed "DeFi" projects, then we wouldn't have this issue. But the reality is that people will throw tens of millions and even billions of dollars at greedy projects and downright scams. In that kind of environment, why would any sane creator make their project fair to the public when they know they can charge a fortune and get their payout immediately? The silicon valley business model adds to this issue because it leads people to build cryptocurrencies like companies, whose #1 goal is to increase bottom line profits for the owners. I believe this approach destroys the most valuable part about blockchain technology. Cryptos that are designed to siphon ongoing profits for the creators' destroy the possibility of the average user benefiting from the efficiency of $0 overhead cost systems. The most efficient crypto is BTC. You aren't paying any taxes to Satoshi when you trade or mine BTC. Almost every singe other crypto after BTC lacks this efficiency aspect.

The other reason no one made the kind of crypto I was looking for was the lack of market makers. In order to be successful, new projects would be at the mercy of important exchanges listing their token. Additionally, it was difficult to build a market for a new token because it required a deep and growing order book of people who wanted to buy and sell. Luckily, the invention of DEXs with liquidity pools like Uniswap solved both of these issues at once! New projects can now instantly list on Uniswap, and can also instantly create as big a market as their pockets can manage by simply adding a liquidity pair.

WISE token takes full advantage of this new technology by creating massive ownerless liquidity. Before listing on Uniswap WISE has a 50 day pre-sale. 50% of the WISE token supply is sold for market price to investors who send ETH to the contract. After this 1/2 of supply is sold, the WISE contract takes the ETH, pairs it with the other 1/2 of supply, and creates the ETH/WISE Uniswap liquidity pair. Then in a glorious act of decentralized awesomeness, the WISE contract sends the Uni LP tokens to a BURN address! That's right, massive liquidity that can never be rug pulled for the rest of time.

WISE token has a deep and carefully designed staking ecosystem that is best understood by reading the white paper. The nutshell version is that you may stake WISE anywhere from 1 day to 42 years long and that stake will earn interest every day. The amount of interest stakes earn depends on how many other people also stake WISE, but the beautiful thing about this system is that staked WISE is burned, removing it from supply. This means that in order to compete with you for earning interest, people must burn more WISE tokens, which drives up the price. You might be earning less interest if many people stake, but it will become higher ROI when your stake ends and you can sell for a higher price.

WISE has been under development for a year, and our team includes some of the best Solidity devs in crypto (all bios are on our website). Anyone may start sending ETH to the contract once we go live on Oct 8, 2020, and the 50 day distribution will range between Nov 11 - Dec 30th. On Dec 31st, the contract mints everyones' WISE and simultaneously creates the Uniswap liquidity, burning the keys directly afterwards. All investors including myself and the rest of the WISE team are on a level playing field when it comes to investing in WISE.

This is the way I believe crypto should be, and if you would like to join the revolution, come join our telegram! https://t.me/wisetoken

Update: Being backed by ETH means we also feel the ETH dips too. Keeping an eye on the WISE/ETH chart will give you a better idea of how WISE is doing. Avg net positive buys per day is $3.5 million (up $500k in 24 hrs)

Uniswap Interface
WISE Token - Stake WISE to earn more ETH
WISE is a unique investment platform that leveraged 96% of presale capital to form a massive market on Uniswap.org. WISE is audited, decentralized, and fair.
Uniswap Info

200M ownerless liquidity

WISE token was made by the community and for the community. The central idea that WISE leverages is the fact that blockchain protocols are systems that can exist forever for $0 overhead cost. The only other crypto that seems to take advantage of this is Bitcoin. Most other projects are created with the silicon valley model of creating wealth for the founders/seed investors of the project. This destroys the efficiency for every day crypto users! Cryptos that are meant to be money should be fair. WISE token is a non profit, fairly distributed, well designed crypto project that is meant to be money. So what do cryptos that intend to be money need in order for success? Two things: consistent ROI and a market to cash out large amounts.

Bitcoin has a market of $200 Billion and has consistently become more and more valuable. WISE has a staking ecosystem that allows users to gain ROI from interest on top of the normal ROI they recieve when the price of the token goes up. WISE also has a massive market, and this is one of the most distinguishing factors about the token. 90% or more of the presale ETH sent in to buy WISE is sent to Uniswap to form the WISE/ETH liquidity pool. The Uniswap LP tokens are then sent to a burn address, protecting that liquidity from ever being rug pulled or touched in any way. This means users will always have a large market to buy or sell WISE at any time.

Zero team tokens. 90%+ of presale money goes to Uniswap liquidity. Contract BURNS Uniswap LP tokens. No admin keys. The WISE liquidity pool is designed to grow organically on Uniswap; all exchange fees are returned to the WISE/ETH pool, adding value and backing to WISE as adoption grows!

WISE is the 1st asset-backed digital currency to offer  interest by combining the 1st massive ownerless liquidity pool with the world’s largest DEX Uniswap.