Creators, Collectors, and Markets

Dimitri Daniloff

Bankless DAO

He who rises with the wave is not swallowed by it*. Olympus DAO

Discord Autonomous Organization

by LiveTheLifeTV

Diatom Fund

DiatomDAO is the first DAO for ocean conservation. They are leveraging the power of bonding invented by OlympusDAO to fund highly-vetted ocean conservation projects, starting with the first-ever tokenization of ocean plastic removal
Sustainability 7 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV

The idea would never leave them.

A truly archaic crossing, like the Maoris crossing the Pacific around the 5th century. For the love of the art of navigation, the purity of fraud less individual achievement, to return with beautiful images and a film. To live something unique.
Outliers 6 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV

The Underground Sistine Chapel

The Underground Sistine Chapel is a free documentary on youtube telling the story of the street artist Pascal Boyart's construction of a modern Sistine Chapel in the heart of an old gold foundry in the suburbs of Paris, in what some would call a cut-throat area.
Nft's Filmmakers 1 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV

Drawing with light, 33 shades of grey

Around 2001 LiveTheLifeTV provided innovative WebTV technology, and got featured on for being a video-streaming pioneer in partnership with Akamai. As a freelance journalist, we interviewed icons from the surfing industry, photographers, and wrote for international surf publications.
Photography 6 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV

Munga Boutique Guesthouse

Munga guesthouse is the perfect place to explore Taghazout and its surroundings. It’s beautifully designed with art and local materials. Salvaged wood is a common theme throughout the hotel. You can enjoy the different terraces, tea rooms, open spaces, a library and a rooftop with a lounge pool.
Travel 2 min read
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