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Dimitri Daniloff

Bankless DAO

A 65-year long surfing adventure.

by LiveTheLifeTV

The idea would never leave them.

A truly archaic crossing, like the Maoris crossing the Pacific around the 5th century. For the love of the art of navigation, the purity of fraud less individual achievement, to return with beautiful images and a film. To live something unique.
Outliers 6 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV

Art is the frontend, and DeFi is the backend.

We're a DAO network of designers, visual storytellers, NFT collectors, artists, and web3 devs. We're developing an NFT minting platform, an NFT fund, and a digital art production studio. We are a media hub and studio dedicated to 3D CryptoArt and NFTs
Dao's 10 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV

The Underground Sistine Chapel

The Underground Sistine Chapel is a free documentary on youtube telling the story of the street artist Pascal Boyart's construction of a modern Sistine Chapel in the heart of an old gold foundry in the suburbs of Paris, in what some would call a cut-throat area.
Nft's Filmmakers 1 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV

Drawing with light, 33 shades of grey

Around 2001 LiveTheLifeTV provided innovative WebTV technology, and got featured on for being a video-streaming pioneer in partnership with Akamai. As a freelance journalist, we interviewed icons from the surfing industry, photographers, and wrote for international surf publications.
Photography 6 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV

Play-to-earn gaming phenomenon

This is the story of one small community in the rural Philippines that turned to the NFT game, Axie Infinity, to earn an income in cryptocurrency during the COVID-19 pandemic. It shows how the "play-to-earn" gaming phenomenon is creating new opportunities for thousands of players around the world
Nft's 1 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV

Web3 Era needs a DCMS, asap

DAO's having web content management systems (CMS) need to ready themselves for this emerging decentralized world. Using Decentralised Technologies like IPFS, Blockchain along existing CMS technologies, one can craft a new architecture called 'decentralized CMS'.
Nft's 5 min read
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