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Why launch a web3 app?

We aren’t out of the woods.

by Craig Jarvis

From London to Sorake Beach.

It was time to go. The penance was done, the bitterness was over, and I wanted to go surfing again. In our squat in London, Dollis Hill, N3, 1996, there was talk of Indonesia, but Nias was beckoning.
Travel 3 min read
by Craig Jarvis

A Shipwreck Leads To Perfection

In 1973 a 20-year-old Australian set off on a journey of a lifetime, to discover the world and to find his destiny. As fortune would have it, the boat in which Tony Hinde was in became shipwrecked, and his initial Jeffreys Bay mission scuttled.
Travel 6 min read
by Craig Jarvis

A roll through the Sunset machine

You're always told that it's cool to push your limits a little when it comes to big waves, to paddle out and give it a go if you're feeling a little nervous and that it is all part of the learning process of being a surfer and of being a human. It's not all true.
Travel 3 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

Dedicated to the new digital lifestyle

A blockchain network where the worlds of fashion, gaming, design and social media intersect. Founded by Fabian Vogelsteller, who laid the foundation for today's DeFi protocols and co-founder Marjorie Hernández, an architect, strategist and innovation consultant.
Startup 3 min read
by Craig Jarvis

Far From The Madding Crowd

There is a crew of surfers in Mauritius that don't let you surf if you're not a local. They are heavy-handed and brutal, and the authorities look the other way. It's well-known, and no one does a thing about it.
Travel 4 min read
by Craig Jarvis

Surfing In The Land Of The Vikings

The waves in Lofoten are of good to excellent quality. The sight of Valhalla reeling down the point, with snow-covered mountains in the background, is a sight to behold. The wave is long, it is perfect, and there are barrel sections on the inside.
Travel 4 min read
by Craig Jarvis

Wild Times In Secret Chile

The long sand bottom, the ridiculously easy tubes, the tranquil setting and the incredible odds of it ever getting crowded. Access was a real mission that used to include a full one day hike along soft sand with your boards and your food and water.
Travel 4 min read
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