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Why launch a mobile app?

Fletcher: A Lifetime in Surf

A Shipwreck Leads To Perfection

Peru. Longest Wave in the World?

Ireland and the Litmus Test

Heading Down South In Chile

by Yves Van den Meerssche

14 Small Electric Chairs (1980)

We see the non-security tokenisation approach of fine art as fundamental for mass adoption. However, we are fully aware that certain jurisdictions may still consider asset tokens as securities, and therefore we must be prepared.
Blockchain 2 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

How NFT's can impact your project

Similar to how Shopify made it easy for anyone to spin up a global e-commerce website without writing any code, Pixura will empower an army of creators and entrepreneurs. They can enable royalties, customer affiliate fees, and other innovative marketplace mechanics.
Blockchain 3 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

Discover & Collect Digital Artworks

What if storytellers oermanently mak a revenue from their copyrighted work? This is a principle we will incorporate in our photo upload section of the LTL Maps App and we will look for ways to do something similar with the editorial content in our LTL Magazine. It's something Instagram fails to do!
Blockchain 6 min read
by Craig Jarvis

Keramas and the Rainy Season

Nowadays there is a resort with 180 staff members, techno music, night surfing, cold beers, and a swimming pool. It's a brave new rainy-season world, and there are always girls in bikinis hanging by the pool, right in front of the gulley.
Travel 3 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

Victoria Vergara

French-born, Victoria Vergara, grew up between New Caledonia and Reunion Island. Victoria learned how to swim before she learned how to walk. Now, a professional surfer, she is on the world longboard tour, ranked 2nd on the European Championship.
Athletes 1 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

400x more effective than trees

Hypergiant Industries, the AI products and solutions company, announces the launch of the Eos Bioreactor, a green energy solution that captures and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere using algae. This Algae-based Carbon-Sequestration solution is 400x more effective than trees
Sustainability 3 min read
by Craig Jarvis

Wild Times In Secret Chile

The long sand bottom, the ridiculously easy tubes, the tranquil setting and the incredible odds of it ever getting crowded. Access was a real mission that used to include a full one day hike along soft sand with your boards and your food and water.
Travel 4 min read
by Craig Jarvis

The Dawn Patrol Of The Mentawais

Rumours of more endless lefts, peeling forever, at various remote islands and atolls. LTL Surf Charters plants trees to offset your carbon footprint. We plant 100 trees if you book a private charter. Sounds good?
Travel 9 min read
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