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Update: how NFT's impact the art scene

by Yves Van den Meerssche

Why launch a web3 app?

If you have found something unique, you can easily share it with your friends on social media, but what happens when, many months later, they actually end up visiting that place, will they remember that incredible restaurant you posted on Instagram?
Startup 8 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

Not Legal Advice! Smart Company?

DAO? Similar like Facebook Groups where you can share ideas, publish, and where you aim to turn ideas into reality by actually doing stuff you love the most. Storytelling, community building and technology, with a focus on stuff that helps people live the life, sorry I should have said YOLO.
Startup 6 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

Living it up, all the way down

Like a cross between James Dean and Andy Warhol. Mentored Tony Alva. This adoring tribute to surfing’s most self-destructively maverick playboy and a relentlessly lively dive into the sport’s pre-commercialism golden days ...
Culture 2 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

LiveTheLifeTV - Web3 Magazine

We are dedicated to the vision of web3, and with we dream of a magazine owned and governed by the contributors and readers. Together with a bunch of innovators we are currently exploring crypto-economic models and primitives.
Startup 5 min read
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