Dimitri Daniloff

DDA Collection

Web3-powered tokenized SAFE

by GoodVibesOhmly

DDA Collection

LiveTheLifeTV and GVO are launching the DDA Collection: an intimate community that unlocks exclusive digital, physical, and experiential benefits for holders. DDA is working to become a carbon-offsetting NFT collection by using Klima's carbon offset aggregator tool.
NFT Artists 15 min read
by ArtyFacts

The Defiant guide to Art and NFTs + 🔥 Docu

Following the great DeFi summer many have been predicting NFTs to be the tricky second album. This is a monumentally large subject with competing viewpoints and every level of talent from scammer to international superstar. + an NFT film covering - art, music, fashion, defi, and the metaverse.
NFT Artists Culture 2 min read
by ArtyFacts

Cath Simard Genesis NFT Drop Teaser

It was hard work to get on SuperRare because you have to have a project that’s different,” explains Simard. That’s what I’ve noticed is happening in the photography world when it comes to NFTs. They receive about 1,000 applications a day so I was really happy to get accepted on that platform.
NFT Artists Culture 1 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

Eye Love You, Eye Hate You

A historic and monumental collection featuring magnified iris portraits belonging to an array of the world's most well-known figures. This first exhibition will include 12 individual iris NFTs, thirty years in the making.
NFT Artists 2 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

The Blockchain Back Office

Gilded's Coinbase integration makes it easy for global companies to send and receive digital currency payments. Gilded also integrates with Transak, the global fiat/crypto gateway. Businesses in over 30 countries can buy and sell crypto directly in the Gilded app.
Dao's 2 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

DayDream. No Loss DAO Funding

The genesis proposal will be to build a frontend based on our current Figma file, and with one "No Loss DAO Funding" strategy (LQTY/LUSD) and later expand with a landing page where we offer three flavors: low risk, medium risk and high risk strategy for NLDAOF™ smart contracts.
DeFi 2 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

The Art Of the POAP is in the event details

I see them for the ERC-721 that they really are, and so I feel it's important to have them designed as if it was a valuable NFT, because they are, and so we create them as a PSD that is high enough quality so that it could later be used for printing limited-edition swag
Dao's 5 min read
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