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Dimitri Daniloff

Bankless DAO

When do we go Live with The DAO Life?

Odyssey DAO GΞNΞSIS Drop

by LiveTheLifeTV

The visual work of Pier Paolo

Only after I bought the NFT, I start googling to find out more about the artist ... and discover that ... some of his clients include Google, Nike, MTV, Volkswagen. ... I end up exploring his Instagram, and I see some 3D's that I like beyond words. To cut to the chase, I'm sold!
Nft's 1 min read
by UnbanksyTV

The Billionaire Crypto Degen

The Delphi Podcast Hosts Anil Lulla and Jose Maria Macedo chat with the one and only Mark Cuban about everything crypto. The conversation covers everything from Mark’s view on the Internet bubble vs crypto right now, DeFi, NFTs, and more!
DeFi Nft's 2 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV & UnbanksyTV

Literally enough money to burn

Burnt Banksy has sold hundreds of NFTs and has achieved the highest average sale price on OpenSea ahead of NFT titans such as Beeple. "You can say anything is a work of art... but if you burn a Banksy and then want money for it, that ranks pretty low on the art scale for me." Very UnbanksyTV
Nft's 3 min read
by UnbanksyTV

The Defiant guide to Art and NFTs + 🔥 Docu

Following the great DeFi summer many have been predicting NFTs to be the tricky second album. This is a monumentally large subject with competing viewpoints and every level of talent from scammer to international superstar. + an NFT film covering - art, music, fashion, defi, and the metaverse.
Nft's Culture 2 min read
by LiveTheLifeTV & UnbanksyTV

First feature film ever as NFT

A monotonous life has pushed the unfulfilled Forrest (Todd Blubaugh) to a voyage of self-discovery by living amongst nature aboard his sailboat, Lorelei, on an alluring Missouri lake. Soon he catches wind of the rebellious and free-spirited Everly (Nicola Collie) and their idealistic dreams align.
Nft's Filmmakers 6 min read
by UnbanksyTV

Moving from Wall Street to Crypto

Joe is one of the hardest working people in tech, putting in 16+ hours/7 days a week. He is an incredible mentor who uses positive reinforcement & always defaults to respect.
DeFi 1 min read
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