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by Yves

Proposal #1 LTL Tokenomics

If an individual owns and holds 1% of the entire LTL supply, they will ​always own 1% of the entire LTL supply. The equal, non-dilutive distribution of inflation amongst all holders of LTL culminates into a fair and decentralized store of value to be used across many DeFi applications.
DeFi 5 min read
by Yves

The LTL Surf View Office Space

Tokenized real estate tokens are technically shares of a company, by wrapping it inside of a legal entity, an LLC, ownership of the LLC is then defined as a specific batch of ERC20 tokens. Uniswap adds the benefits of liquidity.
Surf Real Estate 5 min read
by Yves

How to fix the ICO with a DAO

If you’re not gonna do an fundraising for your new Mars colony, then someone else will — and people will give them money. So now you’ll have to compete with someone that has a lot more cash than you.
Dao's 9 min read
by Yves

LiveTheLifeTV - Web3 Magazine

We are dedicated to the vision of web3, and with we dream of a magazine owned and governed by the contributors and readers. Together with a bunch of innovators we are currently exploring crypto-economic models and primitives.
Dao's 5 min read
by Yves

Fundamental to protect contributors

DAO? Similar like Facebook Groups where you can share ideas, publish, and where you aim to turn ideas into reality by actually doing stuff you love the most. Storytelling, community building and technology, with a focus on stuff that helps people live the life, sorry I should have said YOLO.
Dao's 6 min read
by Yves

Turn a travel app into a DAO

If you have found something unique, you can easily share it with your friends on social media, but what happens when, many months later, they actually end up visiting that place, will they remember that incredible restaurant you posted on Instagram?
Dao's 7 min read
by Yves

Update: how NFT's impact the art scene

NFTs are taking the world by storm. RAC released his album as an NFT. And the most expensive NFT to date: Artwork by Beeple, sold for 69 million dollars! But what's all the hype about?
Nft's 9 min read
by Yves

Rebranding. Shaka Places

Netflix serves up “what to watch,” Amazon “what to buy,” and Spotify “what to listen to”, so what if our long-term value prop is knowing your favorite places well enough to offer us “what to do, where to go and who to do it with?” Shaka Places could be the world’s lifestyle curator.
Travel 3 min read
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