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Web3 Buidling Blocks MeetUp

Shaka Places

Smart Company

by Craig Jarvis

The Dawn Patrol Of The Mentawais

Rumours of more endless lefts, peeling forever, at various remote islands and atolls. LTL Surf Charters plants trees to offset your carbon footprint. We plant 100 trees if you book a private charter. Sounds good?
Travel 9 min read
by Craig Jarvis

A Shipwreck Leads To Perfection

In 1973 a 20-year-old Australian set off on a journey of a lifetime, to discover the world and to find his destiny. As fortune would have it, the boat in which Tony Hinde was in became shipwrecked, and his initial Jeffreys Bay mission scuttled.
Travel 6 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

Standing eight to 10 hours a day

"It was like the Wild West, and even being local didn’t help – my first Nikon setup was stolen from my house!" Being a local, female surf photographer in those days offered Rogers a little advantage when it came to behind-the-scenes access.
Photography 3 min read
by Craig Jarvis

Dungeons, Dragons, and Duckdives

I was drifting while watching these guys ride massive waves. On cue, everyone in the photography boat started shouting. At me, at the ocean, at life in general. I started paddling, rattled by the screaming, and as I crested the first wave, I saw it. It was a monster double-up.
Athletes 5 min read
by Craig Jarvis

Surfing The Maldives

There really isn’t much travel once you’re inside the country. You’re living on an island and surfing that island break, taking a dhoni out for daily surf missions or living on a luxury yacht. You’ll fly in and get transferred to your boat or island, and the rest is taken care of.
Travel 5 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

Transformed by the Sea. Fishpeople

Filmmaking. Some people follow the storyboard, some follow their gut. Keith Malloy? Ten parts gut, zero parts plan. Well, I take that back. He’s got a plan, it’s just hard to discern it behind that beard. Fortunately, he’s got some friends
Filmmakers 1 min read
by Yves Van den Meerssche

Images straight out of a fairytale

I think the best decision is one I take very often. Just be open for everything that comes your way. Whether it was starting at film school or taking up assignments where I didn’t had a clue how it would end. It often led to even more interesting opportunities along the way.
Filmmakers 9 min read
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