Dimitri Daniloff

DDA Collection

Web3-powered tokenized SAFE

by ArtyFacts

Wizard of all crafts and a mad hatter

Besides being a rad fellow with a big, cheeky smile who likes to surf, he is a world class surfboard shaper. Building boards that look like they came straight out of the candy machine in your local supermarket. In all colours and shapes, symmetric or asymmetric.
Outliers 1 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

The Mirror House NFT Series

Imagine a world in which anyone could buy a house as an NFT, borrow against the NFT using decentralized finance “DeFi” products with high-yielding interest rates, and cut out intermediary banks altogether.
Surf Real Estate 3 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

Images straight out of a fairytale

I think the best decision is one I take very often. Just be open for everything that comes your way. Whether it was starting at film school or taking up assignments where I didn’t had a clue how it would end. It often led to even more interesting opportunities along the way.
Filmmakers 9 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

JoJo’s legendary energetic DJ sets

As one of the founders of Nag Nag Nag, she hosted the capitals electro explosion, a place where it wasn’t always clear who was gay or who was straight, where art students rubbed shoulders with celebrities and JoJo’s legendary energetic DJ sets were the soundtrack to the dance floor’s fervour.
Music 3 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

DDA Collection

LiveTheLifeTV and GVO are launching the DDA Collection: an intimate community that unlocks exclusive digital, physical, and experiential benefits for holders. DDA is working to become a carbon-offsetting NFT collection by using Klima's carbon offset aggregator tool.
NFT Artists 15 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

If Tripadvisor & Insta had a crypto lovechild

Allow users to get rewarded for visiting real-world locations. This model allows businesses to attract potential customers to their locations and pay only for people that visit their place which makes the calculation of Return of Investment easy.
Dao's 8 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

Summer, 1946. The Cousteau Story

Summer, 1946. The Cousteau family - Jacques, his wife Simone and their two children Philippe and Jean-Michel - live in their beautiful house by the Mediterranean sea. By day they dive, by night they watch the stars. It's paradise on earth. But Jacques is never content.
Sustainability 1 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

Dramatic jungle-covered hills

In the 1960’s a few foreigners discovered Montezuma, and moved there, before there were cars or electricity. Travel was done on horseback. Life was harder, but worth it. It became known as a secret hideaway for movie stars, musicians, artists and creative people of all types.
Travel 3 min read
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