The crypto realm was buzzing big time in 2017, thanks to massive media hype pumping the veins of retail investors and fueling the ICO craze. Projects were launching ICOs left and right, raking in bitcoin by the boatload (hello, $1.4 billion!). The cherry on top? Bitcoin futures hit the mainstream exchanges, opening the gates for the big money institutional players. The hype was so real, it crashed the CBOE website!

Fast forward to 2019, after a chilly crypto winter, BTC started flexing its muscles again by March. The crypto savvy started vibing with BTC’s store of value mojo – scarcity, divisibility, you name it. Perfect timing, too, with the US-China trade war escalating. As the fiat world trembled, investors were all about shifting their stash to safe-haven assets, and BTC was front and center.

Enter the pandemic era, and central banks went wild with the money printers. The US splashed out $800 billion in stimulus, some of which definitely found its way into BTC. With inflation fears mounting, BTC’s rep as digital gold only got stronger. Meanwhile, the DeFi scene exploded, ballooning from $700 million to a whopping $15 billion in TVL, and big names like MicroStrategy and Tesla were scooping up BTC like there was no tomorrow.

So, what’s the takeaway for us crypto warriors? While 2017 was all about the hype, the later years showed BTC stepping up as a legit asset class, backed by institutional adoption and its solid gold vibes. Think about it – if BTC outshines gold, we’re looking at some serious market cap fireworks.

"In the crypto trenches, FUD is the real enemy. That gut-wrenching fear, the second-guessing, the what-ifs – they can push you to make rash moves, like panic selling your precious crypto. Regularly investing a set amount can smooth out the price rollercoaster, potentially snagging you more crypto when prices dip. Keep your cool by spreading your bets. A mix of assets can cushion the blow if one tanks. And guess what? Even a sprinkle of BTC in your portfolio can spice up your returns, with less drama than you’d think." #NFA

The key to surviving the crypto rollercoaster is understanding the psychological games at play and sticking to strategies that keep you grounded.