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Shaped by Photography


At the heart of Ikigai Labs lies our commitment to exceptional creators. We not only curate but also empower artists by facilitating the onchain distribution and display of their art. Our collaboration with Transient Labs equips creators with tailored smart contracts, ensuring their art remains as unique and authentic as their vision. Here, artists don't just showcase their work; they find a pathway to their "ikigai" - a place where passion, creativity, and technology converge.

We embrace the power of creation as a means to unleash untapped potential and push the boundaries of artistic expression. Through our talented team of artists and visionaries, we strive to produce captivating and thought-provoking works of art that challenge conventional norms and ignite the imagination. From fine art to pixel art, photography to generative art, and AI-inspired creations, we explore the full spectrum. The genesis photography collective is thoughtfully selected by Florence Moll.


Curators play a pivotal role at Ikigai Labs, where curation transcends selection and becomes an art in itself. Our curators contribute to a living, breathing art ecosystem to continuously enrich our galleries with iconic collections. Their expertise and insight help shape the landscape of our platform, ensuring a consistently fresh and inspiring experience for all who visit. Our aggregator app allows curators to exhibit artworks from across all the major marketplaces.

As passionate art enthusiasts, we understand the value of curation. Our team diligently seeks out the most exceptional and groundbreaking artworks, curating collections that transcend the ordinary and evoke a sense of wonder. With a commitment to showcasing diverse artistic voices, we curate exhibitions and collections that foster connections.


At Ikigai Labs, we recognize collectors as the vital heartbeat of the art world. Our dedication to them goes beyond traditional appreciation; we offer a uniquely curated haven of extraordinary digital art, extending into the immersive realms of the metaverse. Leveraging our equity tokenization with Fairmint, collectors gain a unique opportunity to own a part of Ikigai Labs, deepening their involvement.

We recognize the intrinsic value of art as a form of cultural heritage and personal expression. As collectors ourselves, we appreciate the beauty and significance of acquiring and preserving artworks that resonate with us. At Ikigai Labs, we actively engage in collecting fine art, pixel art, photography, generative art, and various other mediums.


Ikigai Labs embodies the Japanese concept of "ikigai," representing a harmonious balance of passion, talent, societal contribution, and livelihood. Our mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem that nurtures this balance, extending our vision beyond digital spaces to tangible, real-world artist residencies.

our true North Star is the realization of our art gallery – a physical space that embodies our commitment to art and creativity. Overlooking the majestic ocean, our art gallery will serve as a permanent workshop, a sanctuary for creative minds, and a hub for artistic exploration. It will be a space where artists and art lovers converge, where ideas are born, and where art finds its truest expression. We curated some places to Live The Good Life

Acting as a crucial bridge, LiveTheLife.TV connects the creative pursuits at Ikigai Labs with insights, narratives, and viewpoints, enriching our understanding of the intertwining worlds of digital art and blockchain technology. This platform is a haven for those driven by curiosity and vision, creating a nexus where artistic exploration meets the multifaceted dynamics of contemporary web3 culture.

An interactive art gallery serves as a hub where we gather to discuss distinct art collections, while our Discord & Slack channels are vibrant spaces for playing music and exchanging insights in NFT-restricted areas. We aim to craft an environment that fosters direct engagement between creators and their collectors, as well as a platform where curators can reveal their upcoming acquisition plans and the reasons behind them.