We are Ikigai Labs, a collective of creators, curators, and collectors fervently passionate about photography, photogrammetry, gen art, and the evolving landscape of traditional, digital, and meta-media.

We believe that an enduring love for photography transcends differences, unites individuals, and immortalizes extraordinary stories within ordinary moments.

Our noble mission is to harness our resources, commissioning artists to mint exclusive NFTs under the esteemed Ikigai Mint Pass. We diligently select iconic artists, extending to them the guidance and support necessary for creating NFTs that echo the superior quality of their original physical artworks.

We steadfastly maintain that the challenge of art discovery is best tackled by specialized, vertical NFT markets. Our aggregation layer, the Reservoir, guarantees the inclusion of creator royalties in all listings. Collectors can confidently indulge in their artistic pursuits through our art gallery, secure in the knowledge that they are supporting the artists they revere.

But we are more than just an aggregator. Ikigai Labs is a thriving community of artists and collectors dedicated to the curation and discovery of art. To date, we've curated over 330 collections, and our adept curators add to our art gallery via an Airtable form that integrates through the API.

Our interactive art gallery serves as a dynamic space for creators and collectors to engage directly. And our Discord server is a vibrant, multi-channel haven for research sharing, NFT discussions, and even a bit of music. We're creating spaces that empower creators to exhibit their masterpieces and engage with their patrons.

The name Ikigai, a Japanese concept, signifies "a reason for being," marking the convergence of one's passion, talent, societal contribution, and earning. We believe that unearthing one's ikigai instills a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Our pursuit at Ikigai Labs? To aid artists in finding their ikigai and connect them with collectors who genuinely value their craft.

But here's the kicker! Our vision extends beyond the digital realm to a tangible, 'IRL' future. We aspire to own artist residencies to foster our community of creators, curators, and collectors. Our focus is not just on surviving, but on building a sustainable future over the coming decades. We prioritize accumulating art assets, which not only give us a competitive edge but also fortify our company's valuation.

Our passion for art, our commitment to our community, and our vision for a sustainable future is what defines us at Ikigai Labs. So, as we embark on this exciting journey, we welcome all those who share our love for art, appreciate the novelty of NFTs, and believe in our mission. Together, we'll redefine the art world and help artists find their ikigai!