We love photography and photogrammetry. Bluntly and deeply. This very pole enables us to build and propel the future of meta, digital, and traditional media.

The love for photography unites outstanding and award-winning artists with various interests, experiences, and backgrounds from all over the globe. All of the featured photographers were asked to display their work because they have the capacity to perceive the extraordinary in the ordinary and capture the moment. Or because their work is aesthetically and emotionally stimulating.

LTL's proposal is simple yet not easy to implement and succeed: photography and photogrammetry-centric community NFT platform with a curated collection from award-winning and relevant photographers. In short, aiming for quality over quantity both for the art and the community. A place where creators and the community can have an open conversation, cruise the markets, and enjoy life-changing experiences. A way to improve artists' lives and nourish the sensibilities of all art lovers. Our mission is to use treasury funding to work with artists and commission them to do exclusive mints under the LTL Mint Pass. The goal is as much financial as it is about living life. We want to express a feeling of community where people who love food, wine, art, and tech come together.

Resident artist Dimitri Daniloff has bestowed us with his artwork to support the movement. LiveTheLifeTV will curate upcoming artists to join the initiative. The LTL brand needs to be bold, powerful, full of style, and express freedom. This is just the genesis, those with our Values will always feel at HOHM with us.

The platform covers almost all the steps having the artists fully guided and supported to create NFTs matching the high quality of their original physical artworks on custom smart contracts. Easily, art galleries can be set up to display on the website, in the metaverse, or even in the tangible reality of their art pieces. The auction house is an opportunity for photography and photogrammetry collectors and lovers to support the artists.

Each month will be dedicated to an artist whose artworks will be revealed and accessible to LTL Mint Pass collectors. The first artist kicking it all off will be Dimitri Daniloff with the astounding DDA collection. The Founders Mint Pass is in a superstate where it constantly fluctuates between art, proof of ownership, access keys, items (physical and digital), and perceived values.

The use of memberships (LTL Mint Pass) allows community development and supports the work of devs, designers, and visual storytellers. There only will be 1000 members who will benefit from curational power, first in line to IRL and digital experiences, early access to our NFT-based membership mint, digital drops, and quite some more surprises yet to be disclosed.  These NFTs will act as membership proof while treasuring high artistic value.

The path chosen to initiate and boost our shared appreciation and arousal of these masterpieces to the community has been a free mint of a genuine artwork of Dimitry Daniloff. A nice invitation gift for starters.

Through the PREMINT signup page, you can claim your spot on the allowlist.