The coordinating power of Ethereum allows internet strangers with shared values and goals to organize under a common banner, and enables them to steer the world towards their future aspirations. Internet communities align with digital tokens and use them as tools to focus capital and labor into productive outputs in pursuit of a shared vision. Under community consensus, the private skills and resources of an individual can coalesce into public collective power and impart change upon the world.

With this, humanity has unlocked the capability of building new, internet-scaled institutions aligned with the values of its members.


We need this now, more than ever.

The previous institutions of the world have hit their limits of growth. Nation States, corporations, banks, Silicon Valley monopolies are no longer inclined to include additional members under their tents. The value in these entities accrues to a small few, and thus are fundamentally misaligned with the many people they serve. As these institutions scale, they become increasingly incapable of producing the future that is aligned with the individuals that comprise them.

Bankless started in 2019 as a newsletter, added a podcast in 2020, and in 2021 is now a self-sustaining media company dedicated to democratizing access to information about the world of decentralized finance. The role of Bankless is to operate as a public good for education, media, and culture on crypto and all other bankless technologies that are being introduced into the world.

The growth of Bankless has outpaced our wildest expectations, and the demand to help grow the bankless message has grown into spinoffs like Bankless Russia and Bankless France. These alternative flavors of Bankless are crucial to growing the bankless message into the global movement it can be.

It’s clear there’s an energy behind bankless beyond the capability of a single media entity to harness.

The bankless movement is ready to grow out of the hands of the few and into the hands of the many.

The bankless message is a global banner, and the Bankless DAO is the organization that coordinates people under this banner. Only an internet-native organization is capable of growing an internet-scaled revolution, and thus we need a Bankless DAO to grow the bankless revolution.

Bankless DAO Genesis Proposal
Authors: Ryan Sean Adams, David Hoffman

We want a money system by the people and for the people.

We want to propagate crypto media and culture.

We want to help the world go bankless.

Help grow the world’s first-ever media and culture DAO. Bring your talents, time, and ideas. Join the revolution.
Getting Started with Bankless DAO
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