The BEE HAPPY hive embodies a symphony of collaboration, where the roles of CREATORs, CURATORs, and COLLECTORs intertwine. CREATORs inject innovation and vision, capturing moments that weave narratives of beauty, complexity, and emotion. CURATORs skillfully curate these narratives into a cohesive collection, elevating the artistic standards of the hive. As the COLLECTOR, IkigAI Labs acts as the guardian of these stories, ensuring their preservation and celebration, thus forging a legacy that transcends the realms of the physical and digital. Inspired by the intricate dynamics of a beehive, this unique ecosystem thrives on the specialized contributions of its members. It is more than a collection of digital spaces; it is a living ecosystem that champions the convergence of technology and art, preserving the legacy of iconic fine art photography and pushing the boundaries to craft a future where art is the frontend, and Defi is the backend.


At the core of our collective, the CREATORs — iconic photographers and the esteemed ambassadors of IkigAI Labs — stand as the quintessence of visionary artistry. With cameras in hand, they embark on a journey of discovery and expression, capturing the essence of the world through the nuanced lenses of film, grain, and digital innovation. Their journey spans the timeless allure of medium format photography to the frontier territories of AI-enhanced photography, navigating the intricate interplay of light and shadow to forge images that resonate deeply. Their creations, a harmonious fusion of fine art photography and mixed media, epitomize the profound impact of visual narrative. As trailblazers in their domain, these CREATORs not only bring forth art that captivates the senses but also engage in the curation of existing collections across the 150 NFT marketplaces that IkigAI Labs consolidates, enriching our community with a vast and varied tapestry of artistic expressions.

We provide a platform for artists to transition their works into the digital realm, crafting unique onchain collectibles that mirror the essence of their physical art, alongside personalized support in the formulation of their creator contracts. Artists are invited to chronicle their artistic endeavors on the Editorial, with the option to mint either a singular masterpiece (ERC721) or a series of artworks (ERC1155). The Creator Studio opens the door to an exclusive selection of collections, curated with discernment. Our collective, a synergy of creators and curators, is unwavering in its commitment to generating art that transcends conventional barriers and kindles the imagination. We embrace a broad spectrum of artistic manifestations, from the traditional to the avant-garde, including generative art and AI-augmented creations, in our ceaseless quest to explore and extend the boundaries of artistic innovation.


In the realm of IkigAI Labs, CURATORs stand as the vigilant stewards of artistic purity, engaging in the deliberate and thoughtful selection of artworks that echo the core principles of our collective. With a keen eye for excellence, they traverse the expansive terrain of our collections, pinpointing those creations that truly encapsulate the spirit of distinguished photographic art. From the visceral impact of film photography to the nuanced complexities captured through medium format, they assemble a repertoire that honors the breadth and richness of the photographic medium. Their responsibilities transcend mere selection; they serve as mentors to CREATORs, ensuring the hive's gallery remains an ever-evolving beacon of artistic exploration.

As connoisseurs of art, we acknowledge the indispensable role curation plays in forging meaningful connections between artists and aficionados. Our curatorial cadre is zealously dedicated to unearthing and showcasing avant-garde and remarkable works. Through curating assortments that defy convention and ignite curiosity, we endeavor to showcase a kaleidoscope of artistic narratives. Our exhibitions and collections are meticulously crafted to foster bonds within the onchain art ecosystem. We are advocates for a curator-driven philosophy, recognizing that curators are pivotal in steering the direction of our collective and upholding the integrity of the art we present. In this light, we pledge to amplify the significance of the curator within our collective's ethos.


Within the vibrant ecosystem of IkigAI Labs, we embrace the mantle of the COLLECTOR, serving as a cornerstone patron within our hive. Our active engagement in acquiring meticulously curated artworks for display within the Metaverse art gallery underscores our dedication not only to supporting the artists in our community but also to enriching our collective domain with a wealth of visual stories. The gallery transforms into a digital haven, a place where the distinctions between photography and digital art become beautifully indistinct, inviting visitors to delve into exhibitions that range from the traditional charm of film photography to the cutting-edge allure of AI-enhanced artistry. Through these curated collections, IkigAI Labs is at the forefront of advocating for the preservation and celebration of photographic art, ensuring the essence and narratives of these works reverberate throughout the digital landscape.

At the Collectors Bar, a curated selection of pieces from esteemed artists is showcased, with an emphasis on expert curation to forge a premier art collection for our debut season. We are dedicated to providing a vibrant platform for creators and curators alike, facilitating immersive and transformative experiences for collectors. A key aspect of our ethos involves the reinvestment of secondary royalties back into the community, fostering collaboration with artists to commission bespoke mints. Recognizing the profound cultural and personal value of art, we, as passionate collectors, are committed to the acquisition and preservation of artworks that resonate on a deeper level. Our collection strategy is inclusive of a broad spectrum of artistic expressions, from fine and pixel art to photography and generative art, celebrating the distinctive vision and craftsmanship of artists and nurturing a flourishing art community.


BEE HAPPY is an ERC-20 governance and utility token at the heart of our ecosystem. Functioning as the open-source protocol layer, BEE HAPPY serves multiple roles:

  • Governance: BEE HAPPY acts as the ecosystem's governance token, enabling holders to participate in the BEE HAPPY DAO.
  • Exclusive Access: Holding BEE HAPPY grants access to parts of the ecosystem that are otherwise restricted, including merchandise and events.
  • Incentivization: It encourages third-party developers to engage with the ecosystem by integrating it into their projects.


The strategic allocation of tokens within a project's ecosystem is not just a matter of financial engineering but a foundational pillar for governance, utility, and long-term sustainability. It fosters a balanced ecosystem that rewards contributors, supports growth, and empowers its community. BEE HAPPY's total token supply is capped at 1 billion tokens. This cap is rigid, with no provisions for minting additional tokens or burning existing ones, ensuring a predictable and stable token economy that stakeholders can rely on.

Ecosystem Fund: 62%

The largest portion of the token supply, 620 million tokens, is dedicated to the Ecosystem Fund, which is further subdivided to support various facets of the BEE HAPPY community:

  • CREATOR/CURATOR NFT Holders: 150 million tokens are allocated to reward the early adopters and contributors within the CREATOR and CURATOR categories. These tokens were made fully available for claim at the project's launch, recognizing the pivotal role these stakeholders play in the ecosystem's vibrancy and success.
  • DAO Treasury and Resources: 470 million tokens are earmarked for the DAO treasury and resources, with 117.5 million tokens unlocked at launch. The remaining tokens are scheduled for a monthly release of 7,343,750 over 48 months, ensuring a steady flow of resources for ecosystem development and sustainability.

IkigAI Labs + Charity: 16%

A significant 160 million tokens are allocated to IkigAI Labs and charitable endeavors, highlighting the project's commitment to both growth and social responsibility:

  • IkigAI Labs: 150 million tokens acknowledge the foundational role of IkigAI Labs. After a 12-month lock-up, these tokens are released at a rate of 4,166,666.67 per month for 36 months, aligning the interests of IkigAI Labs with the long-term success of the ecosystem.
  • Charitable Donation: 10 million tokens are pledged to One Percent For the Planet, with a similar 12-month lock-up followed by monthly releases of 277,777.78 tokens over 36 months. This allocation underscores the project's commitment to leveraging blockchain technology for broader social and environmental impact.

Launch Contributors: 14%

Recognizing the early supporters and contributors, 140 million tokens are set aside for those who helped make BEE HAPPY a reality. The allocation features varied lock-up and release schedules to balance immediate recognition with long-term engagement. Contributors have options for immediate and staggered releases, with some receiving 10 million tokens upfront and additional tokens released over 18 months. Others adhere to a 12-month lock-up, with monthly releases structured over 33 or 36 months, ensuring ongoing support and investment in the project.

BEE HAPPY Founders: 8%

The visionaries behind BEE HAPPY are allocated 80 million tokens, with an initial 12-month lock-up followed by a 36-month monthly release schedule of 2,222,222.22 tokens. This allocation not only recognizes the founders' role in the project's inception but also ties their rewards to the ecosystem's sustained growth.


The information provided herein regarding the BEE HAPPY token and its associated tokenomics is for informational and educational purposes only. It is important for all potential participants, holders, and stakeholders to understand that BEE HAPPY tokens are designed primarily as utility tokens within the BEE HAPPY ecosystem and should not be considered an investment or an opportunity for financial gain.

The intrinsic value of BEE HAPPY tokens lies in their utility within the ecosystem, particularly their use in minting exclusive, commissioned art pieces. These tokens are intended to facilitate engagement, participation, and access to unique experiences and services within the BEE HAPPY community. The core functionality of BEE HAPPY tokens centers around their role in the creative process, enabling holders to commission and acquire distinctive art creations.

BEE HAPPY tokens do not represent shares, equity, or similar interests in any entity, and holding these tokens does not entitle holders to any form of dividend, profit sharing, or financial benefit derived from the appreciation in value of the tokens. The distribution, allocation, and use cases of BEE HAPPY tokens are subject to change based on the evolving needs of the community and the discretion of the project's governance structures.

Participants are urged to conduct their own due diligence and consult with financial, legal, and tax advisors before acquiring or engaging with BEE HAPPY tokens. The acquisition of BEE HAPPY tokens should be based on a thorough understanding of their utility and the non-financial benefits they offer within the ecosystem. The creators, contributors, and affiliates of the BEE HAPPY project bear no responsibility for any potential loss or misunderstanding regarding the nature and use of BEE HAPPY tokens.

By participating in the BEE HAPPY ecosystem and engaging with its tokens, you acknowledge and agree that you fully understand the utility-focused nature of BEE HAPPY tokens and that you do not expect any form of financial return or profit derived solely from holding or transacting in these tokens.