Meet LiveTheLifeTV, the creative force behind the FUTURE SCAPES art series.

LTL's journey began at Quiksilver, where his contributions to the Image Control team played a crucial role in the launch of flagship stores, noteworthy events, and the development of a novel marketing and PR strategy. This foundation set the stage for his pioneering work in WebTV technology, long before platforms like YouTube became household names. In 1999, his early achievements in video streaming, in collaboration with Akamai, garnered recognition from, featuring him and his partner as webTV pioneers on the homepage. A milestone. What's next?

Our vision is bold yet clear: to redefine the art gallery experience by harnessing the revolutionary capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro and the new Blackmagic URSA Cine Immersive camera. We can’t wait to see Apple launch a Vision Air! (2025?) An updated version of DaVinci Resolve is set to
LTL has had the privilege of interviewing luminaries in the action sports domain and contributing to prestigious international publications. This experience honed his storytelling skills and deepened his appreciation for the arts, laying the groundwork for his future ventures.

Driven by a passion for curating unique experiences, LTL founded LiveTheLifeTV—a curated hub for distinctive boutique hotels and luxury surf properties. In 2017 his platform reflected his keen eye for the transformative potential of NFTs for photographers, offering a space where art and technology intersect to create new opportunities for creative expression and monetization. Onchain royalties was his AHA moment. Advised against launching his NFT platform, he didn't file the patent.

LTL began exploring Machine Learning and AI, initially to develop chat agents for his lifestyle travel and luxury surf real estate startup. Later, driven purely by artistic motives, he embarked on a creative journey with AI, experimenting with MidJourney and other AI tools to push the boundaries of artistic expression. He uses Dream Machine for image-to-video generation, Topaz Labs and for upscaling, Eleven Labs for music, voice-over, and sound design, and Davinci Resolve 19 for grain, color grading, and editing. Currently, he is exploring Runwayml models for next-generation webTV productions with Gen-3 and rethinking the future of PFPs. Customization of Gen-3 models allows for even stylistically controlled and consistent characters and specific artistic and narrative requirements.

Dessert Mirage WebTV Series
Welcome to the first draft of “Desert Mirage,” an exhilarating web TV series where luxury and intrigue converge in a high-stakes world of art and adventure. Join us as we explore the beginnings of this thrilling tale, setting the stage for a journey filled with elegance, mystery, and the timeless

LTL loves diving into the complexities of AI art to create unique pieces. Working in the NFT space gives him the freedom to offer a dynamic platform for artists and collectors, without the usual constraints of traditional art institutions. Sure, there are challenges like getting funding and finding exhibition spaces, but LTL is all about pushing the boundaries and advancing our understanding of AI art. LTL is constantly questioning what art means when machines can create visuals.

Judge the Art, Not the Medium. "Digital art is a startling medium because it can incorporate all the art forms before and goes one step further." - ML Bock, 1999

The post-photography AI art series, a testament to LTL's visionary approach, captures the essence of elegance, adventure, and the timeless allure of the human spirit. The collection is not only a reflection of his artistic journey but also an embodiment of his 25-year-long entrepreneurial adventure with LiveTheLifeTV as a lifestyle brand. Each piece tells a story of innovation, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, mirroring the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of his career.

LIVETHELIFE.TV, the founder of IKIGAI LABS, embarks on a transformative journey by fully embracing TRACE (Tokenized Records for Artwork Certification and Evolution) technology. Developed by our esteemed partners at Transient Labs, this groundbreaking innovation is central to our mission of introducing real-world art into the world of NFTs and

Currently, LTL is embracing the good life, pursuing his dreams alongside his partner. In his leisure time, he ventures into coding, continually expanding his skill set and exploring new horizons. His dedication to living life to the fullest and pushing the boundaries of what's possible is evident in every project he undertakes.

Above all, on 4/20 2024 he soft launched a Curated Art Explorer, featuring the top thousand collections since early 2017. Check out IKIGAILABS.XYZ Enjoy!


At ikigAI Labs XYZ, I collaborate closely with the leadership, engineering, and design teams to create tools that creators will love, enabling them to offer collectors enchanting new experiences. My role encompasses driving the product cycle, addressing the what, why, how, and when: determining what we are building, why it matters, how we will build it, and when we will launch.

I engage with collectors and curators to gather feedback, transforming it into a clear product vision and roadmap. Working with design, I translate this vision into pixel-perfect materials ready for development. I partner with the engineering team to bring the vision to life, ensuring the successful delivery of the final product.

I complete the product loop by defining and measuring key success metrics with collectors, curators, and creators. Additionally, I align our team daily, weekly, and monthly on our vision and strategy as we explore this brave new world onchain.