The line separating BMW and Rolls-Royce has been a subject of automotive lore since BMW acquired the British luxury marque in 2003. However, the 2023 BMW i7 xDrive60 blurs this line like never before, offering a Rolls-Royce-level experience at a fraction of the price. The interior is no less opulent, with Cashmere seats and intricate detailing that would not be out of place in a Ghost or a Phantom.

Driving the i7 is akin to floating on a cloud, much like a Rolls-Royce. Its two-axle air suspension and electronic dampers provide a ride quality that is nothing short of sublime. The cabin is a sanctuary of quietness, rivaling even the most expensive Rolls-Royce models.

Where the i7 truly shines is in its technological prowess. Unlike traditional Rolls-Royce models, which prioritize analog luxury, the i7 is a haven of digital opulence. From its "Level 2 Plus" assisted driving system to its 31.3-inch 8K resolution display in the rear, the i7 is a tech enthusiast's dream.

You may enjoy leather and Cashmere seats, a $6,450 option, giving the i7’s interior a distinct look. They are the definition of plush, you sink into them more than you do sit, and with heating, cooling, and various massage settings, it’s probably impossible to be uncomfortable while wafting to your next destination.

Nikita Gale and BMW Open Work by Frieze 2022 |
Artist Nikita Gale worked with BMW i7 designers to create an installation for BMW Open Work by Frieze 2022 that reaches far back into the history of the automobile and the electric guitar.