Since 2006, Loren Bednar has been captivating art enthusiasts with his groundbreaking generative artwork, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technical excellence. With a keen eye for experimentation and a passion for finding art within algorithms, Bednar's work represents a mesmerizing fusion of art and technology.

Having exhibited at prestigious venues such as “The Digital Roots” at LUME Studios in New York City, "Refraction Festival" at ZeroSpace, and "Immutable" at Vellum in Los Angeles, Bednar's talent has been recognized and celebrated in the art world. He has also left his mark on international stages, with showings at "The Berlin Collection" at Bright Moments in Berlin and "Unblock Gaudi: Digital Art via Blockchain" at Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.

As an Art Blocks Curated Artist, Bednar continues to captivate audiences with his latest masterpiece, "Afterimage." This dynamic artwork is an exploration of blended, ever-changing colors that play on the fine line between what we see and what remains in our vision after the fact. Bednar's intention is to capture those fleeting, beautiful moments that grace our eyes every day, manifested through unfolding waves of color that leave behind intricate patterns as they shift and dance around us.

Drawing inspiration from his previous series, "phase" and "Refraction," "Afterimage" delves into the realm of emergent patterns and shapes within the context of motion. Moments of noise and collisions between different colors give rise to ethereal scenes, as the effects of these interactions etch into the artwork only to be washed over by new colors moments later.

In a nod to his love for experimentation and the intriguing tension it creates, Bednar incorporates perfect loops within different elements of "Afterimage." While some loops align seamlessly, others leave a tantalizing sense of "close but not quite," a fascinating interplay between order and randomness that makes each piece truly unique.

Alongside these looping tensions, "Afterimage" tantalizes viewers with moments of distortion along color bands and edges. Fractures appear, momentarily breaking up the scene before reassembling into a smoother view. The interplay of color collisions and fractures adds a captivating depth to the artwork, inviting observers to explore and discover its ever-changing intricacies.