In our initial phase, Ikigai Labs XYZ will unveil the OG Mint Pass with a soft launch. This summer, an exclusive pre-mint opportunity limited to 333 editions will be available for those early adopters who have registered in advance.

Season 0 <> OG Founders Club
During the inaugural phase, Ikigai Labs XYZ is set to introduce the OG Mint Pass through a soft launch. This summer, we’re offering a unique pre-mint limited to 333 editions, exclusively for the early adopters who have pre-registered at

Our engagement strategy with collectors unfolds in three stages:

  1. Allowlist Phase: This exclusive list matches the number of available NFTs, permitting each wallet holder to mint one NFT. Participants have the flexibility to mint at any point during this phase, with a guaranteed opportunity to mint.
  2. Waitlist Phase: During this subsequent phase (timing to be announced), we extend minting privileges to all registered wallets. This phase is intentionally oversubscribed, so we encourage prompt action to ensure participation.
  3. Public Phase: Allows any wallet holder to mint from the remaining editions.
Image: © Dimitri Daniloff
999 OG Mint Pass editions are on offer, evenly distributed across the three phases.

Revenue from secondary sales will be allocated as follows: 33% to cover operational costs and fund future initiatives, 33% to the creators, and 33% to a collector's treasury, fostering community and investment in our collective success.

For season zero, we've meticulously set the pricing for our primary drops, introducing a new curator with each season. This year, we're honored to have Florence Moll share her artistic insight with us. To our NFT community, we're offering exclusive access to our Season Zero OG Mintpass, featuring Dimitri Daniloff's emblematic artwork as your gateway and providing three years of VIP privileges.

Season 0
OG Club

We're committed to cultivating a dedicated base of 999 true enthusiasts. By focusing on a community that shares our passion, we aim to deeply understand their desires and needs, ensuring we meet them with precision and care.

Image: © Dimitri Daniloff
Season 0
VIC Edition

Introducing the VIC Membership Pass, an elite offering limited to 1111 passes in the first year, each priced at 420 USDC. Holders of this pass gain prestigious access to our phase 1 allow list, enjoying a tranquil 24-hour window for minting each piece. Subsequent releases will be accessible to the public through allow lists with more limited minting periods. This group includes previous collectors of our featured artists, members from various communities, and our growing circle of Ikigai collectors, weaving a rich mosaic of artistic appreciation.

Image: © Dimitri Daniloff

In gratitude for your support, we're excited to offer exclusive rewards for collecting and retaining our curated artworks. Collecting the first two drops of a season entitles you to a special gift—an airdrop from an emerging talent in the art world, celebrating your loyalty and nurturing the bond between artists and collectors.

Image: © Dimitri Daniloff

For those who immerse themselves fully by collecting all four seasonal drops and maintaining them throughout the year, a unique opportunity awaits. While our journey is adaptable, informed by the insights and feedback from our dynamic community, it lays the groundwork for an expansive artistic exploration. We're setting sail on a voyage of limitless creativity and community-art synergy.

We invite visionary artists and aficionados to join us in this domain of curated art. Welcome to Ikigai Labs, a sanctuary where art thrives and dreams are realized.

Our mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem, extending our vision beyond digital spaces to tangible, real-world artist residencies. We’re not just creating a platform; we’re cultivating a community where artists, curators, and collectors can thrive and grow.

About Ikigai Labs:

At Ikigai Labs, we're pioneering an innovative artist residency, orchestrating collection drops, and designing captivating digital experiences. Collaborating with esteemed artists, we aim to elevate the collector's journey by integrating their work into interactive realms, redefining engagement in the digital art space. (docsend)