Flowscapes explores the beauty of flow field visualization, brought to life by the enchanting dance of Perlin noise.
Inspired by the iconic palettes of abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko, Flowscapes takes you on a visual journey.
"Flowscapes: A Journey Through Perlin Noise and Rothko Palettes" #WIP

At the heart of Flowscapes is the intricate interplay between Perlin noise and its ability to create fluid and organic patterns. Perlin noise, a type of procedural noise developed by Ken Perlin, adds a sense of natural randomness and organic flow to the visuals, resulting in a visual experience that is soothing and captivating.

We generated batches to fine-tune the various probabilities and called it done (which was not an easy decision, as you always want to add "just one more thing"). This has been in the making for 2+ years