Ever thought your clothing could be a key to the digital world? Welcome to the future with Ikigai Labs! We're turning our community's wardrobe into a real-world, interactive DAO experience. Our unique t-shirts aren't just a fashion statement—they're your passport to our digital community, where meeting fellow Ikigai members unlocks tokens and gives you a voice in our collective decisions.

Imagine wearing our commitment to Ikigai, quite literally, on our sleeves?

Let's introduce Ikigai Wearables DAO - a concept where our community members can represent and participate in the DAO through their Ikigai Labs t-shirts.

Here's how it could work:

Physical Creation: Each Ikigai Labs t-shirt has a unique, artist-designed graphic that's tied to a particular project, event, or aspect of the Ikigai Labs community. These designs are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and paired with a corresponding NFC chip embedded in each shirt.

Digital Twin: When an owner scans the NFC chip on their t-shirt using their smartphone, it activates the corresponding NFT and its associated digital account. This serves as the NFT's personal asset wallet, directly attached to it.

Token Collection: Whenever two or more community members meet, they can scan each other's t-shirt NFCs using their smartphones. This action mints IKI tokens directly into each t-shirt's digital account.

NFTs That Own Assets: Thanks to the ERC-6551 protocol, these IKI tokens are owned by the NFT (the t-shirt) itself, not by the owner's Ethereum address. This means that each Ikigai Labs t-shirt can hold and manage its own assets, the IKI tokens, independently of its owner. These tokens can be used for governance decisions within the DAO, essentially giving each t-shirt a vote.

Community Engagement: The IKI tokens held by each t-shirt NFT serve as a representation of its interactions within the Ikigai Labs community. The more interactions a t-shirt has (i.e., the more other NFC-enabled shirts it scans), the more IKI tokens it earns, and the greater its influence in DAO governance.

With the Ikigai Wearables DAO concept, we're turning our community's merch into an engaging, interactive experience. It's a novel and fun way for our community to show support, meet fellow members, and actively participate in art curation. LFG