As early as 2017, we have been advocating for the potential of NFTs in the art world and have been envisioning the development of an NFT marketplace.

Our goal has always been pretty simple tbh, empower creators across various fields, including coders, designers, writers, photographers, and filmmakers.

Each artwork in a collection should be minted using a creator-owned custom contract. Shared contracts used on mainstream marketplaces are bad IMO.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the art world by storm, revolutionizing the way artists can monetize their digital creations. The NFT's unique value proposition lies in its digital uniqueness and the fact that they exist on a blockchain, such as Ethereum. While anyone can copy and download video clips or image files, an NFT has a record stating that it has only one owner.

However, there is a common misconception that the sale of an NFT grants the buyer the copyright or ownership of the underlying asset. This is not the case. While musicians or artists who create NFTs of their own artwork likely have an understanding of their rights, people can also mint NFTs of works they didn't create, which raises important questions about intellectual property rights.

Ownership of an NFT does not, by default, grant the holder any rights to the intellectual property of the underlying asset. Unless the NFT includes a transfer of copyright in the underlying asset - which is not the case by default - the author, not the NFT holder, owns the copyright. Our platform is designed to empower artists and ensure that they retain ownership of their creations while still being able to monetize them through NFT sales.

LFG, we've been waiting on this moment for 7 years now. It may take us another couple of months to soft launch, but the good vibes we get from being close to launch, are worth it tbh. Thanks for coming to our TED talk.