Embark on a journey with us as we explore the mesmerizing world of Maia Flore, an artist curated by Florence Moll. Maia Flore transforms the mundane into the extraordinary through the lens of her camera. Her artistry lies in staging improbable, poetic, and metaphorical scenes, often using herself as not just a model, but an active subject in her own surreal narratives.

"Sleep Elevations" © Maia Flore

Her signature series "Sleep Elevations" exemplifies this philosophy. Here, Maia, often the subject herself, appears to float in serene, minimalist settings, amidst everyday objects rendered fantastical. This juxtaposition of the simple and surreal weaves a dreamlike tapestry, a delicate yet profound visual poetry, further accentuated by pastel hues and soft lighting. These images invite viewers into a world unbound by gravity, where imagination is sovereign.

"Situations" © Maia Flore

In "Situations," Flore delves into the delicate interplay between freedom and environment, capturing a young girl in a striking red costume navigating uncharted landscapes. This series dances on the edge of reality and imagination, exploring emotional ambiguity as a canvas for creative exploration.

© Maia Flore

Her HSBC Prize-winning series, "Rememories" (2015), moves away from stark reality, favoring metaphorical and poetic imagery. Here, her distinctive red hair and pale skin blend seamlessly with her surroundings, creating a dynamic interplay of form and space.

“Voyage fantastique” - "Château d’Amboise" © Maia Flore

With "Voyage Fantastique," commissioned by Atout France, Maia reimagines France's cultural heritage. This series transcends mere photographic journey, reenchanting the narrative of heritage, history, and art. Through her lens, castles, museums, and landscapes transform into stages for her imaginative tales, intertwining the absurd with the mystical.

"By the sea" © Maia Flore

Marking a significant evolution in her artistry, Flore has shifted from digital manipulation to choreographed performance, emphasizing physicality and space. This is evident in her recent works, "By the Sea" and "Scenes from the Sun," where the landscape itself becomes an integral character in her storytelling.

“D’iles en lune” - "Espace vital" © Maia Flore
"D’iles en lune" - "Odyssée" © Maia Flore
"D’iles en lune" - "Espace de do(s)” © Maia Flore

"D’Iles en Lune" (2019/2020), created during a residency in Saint Malo, beautifully extends Flore's exploration of the tangible and ethereal. Here, she harmonizes with the rhythm of the world's highest tides, allowing the sun and moon to guide her art. This series, symbolizing the balance between masculine ('Îl') and feminine ('Lune') energies, perfectly aligns with her themes of blending dreams and reality.

“Scenes from the sun” © Maia Flore

Maia Flore's photography is more than a mere collection of images; it is an odyssey through a visionary's mind, constantly challenging and blurring the lines between the real and the imagined. Each series is a chapter in her ongoing narrative of exploration and discovery, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty and complexity of her dreamscapes.

Self-portrait © Maia Flore
Maia Flore's world is a realm where imagination is boundless, and the pursuit of beauty and freedom is unceasing.

Maia Flore's work is an open invitation to a playground of wonder and imagination, where enchantment is tangible in every scene.

Curation: Florence Moll