GM, Earthlings and Digital Nomads alike! Welcome to ikigAI Labs, where we're not just riding the crypto wave – we're doing backflips on it. In our universe, crypto, DAOs, degen, and NFTs aren't just buzzwords; they're our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But hey, even digital pioneers need a slice of the real world. That's why we're hedging our bets with a sprinkle of RWAs – think IP, Equity, Art, and Real Estate. Because who doesn't like a little extra flavor in their investment pizza?

Now, let's talk about our blockchain baby, the Delaware C. This isn't your grandma's investment strategy. It's a sleek, tokenized equity machine, running on blockchain rails with a shiny "invest" button. Meet $VIBES – not just a token, but your ticket to the cool kids' table. Think of it as your golden pass to a world where fine art and luxury real estate meet digital finance.

What if no one clicks that button? No sweat. We're cool as a cucumber in a blockchain fridge. But if you do, oh boy, are you in for a treat! More assets, more fun, and a slice of the pizza for anyone looking to diversify their crypto-loaded portfolio with something a bit more... grounded.

But wait, there's more! Investing in ikigAI because of our NFT marketplace? Hold your horses. We're not here to play the billion-dollar marketplace game. Our marketplace is like that indie band you love – not mainstream, but oh-so-cool. It's all about the UX, baby, especially for our collectors cruising through our 420 (no pun intended) curated collections. Want to list with us? Great, we're a zero-fee paradise. Just don't expect to break the sales volume meter. We're cool like that.

And because we're all about sharing the love, we've embraced RT. List on ikigAI and the big-league marketplaces at the same time. Why put all your eggs in one basket when you can have the whole chicken farm?

The V2 MVP of the NFT Marketplace aggregator. You can view curated collections & the top 500 Art Blocks Collections.
Ikigai Labs XYZ | Open Source NFT Marketplace
Ikigai Labs XYZ is an open source NFT marketplace built with Reservoir.
ikigAI Labs XYZ – where the future of finance meets a dash of real-world savvy.