Today, we're casting a spotlight on the technological advancements we've been meticulously crafting at Ikigai Labs over the past year and a half, utilizing the innovative capabilities of Reservoir Tools. These RT features have been carefully developed to supercharge the UX. Here's a rundown:

Universal Token Indexing: With immediate tracking and visibility of all minted tokens, we guarantee comprehensive coverage and liquidity across all collections.

Individual Route Versioning: In our continuous endeavor to stay agile and adaptable, allowing for faster iterations and minimizing the risk of disruptions.

Predictable Collection IDs: We've shifted towards a more reliable system for collection IDs—typically the contract address—bolstering the indexing process at the minting stage, ensuring better consistency and reliability.

Token Filtering: The filtering mechanism uses a combination of contract: token_id parameters, providing a less ambiguous and more straightforward approach.

Keyset Pagination Transition: In a move designed to boost performance and enhance user experience, we're progressively moving from limit/offset pagination towards the continuation-based model.

Volume Snapshots: Understanding the crucial role of metrics, we now compute daily volume snapshots for each collection, providing invaluable insights.

Granular Price Changes: We offer a thorough analysis of price trends by providing three levels of granularity for price change events—collection, token, and order.

Expanded LooksRare Support: Support for LooksRare listings and sales, with additional features for purchasing LooksRare listings and accepting offers.

0xV4 Order Creation and Filling Support: More gas-efficient alternatives for native marketplaces and facilitating collection of marketplace fees and royalties.

Additional Features: We've automated syncing collection metadata with OpenSea, and also enabled users to set custom gas prices or limits when buying tokens. Additionally, we now offer 1D/7D/30D collection volume change and floor sale stats, ensuring you're always in the know about the latest market trends.

The Power of Reservoir Tools

At Ikigai Labs, we're always on a quest to create a user experience that’s both empowering and intuitive. With this goal in mind, we've been working diligently on our platform, leveraging the innovative capabilities of Reservoir Tools to enhance our features and services. We're thrilled to share our newest additions.

Revamped Collection and Token Pages

Our redesigned collection page now features official social links to each collection and icons to indicate the marketplace where the token is listed, bridging the gap between you and your favorite creators. On the token page, we've added collection info, token info, a metadata refresh button, and source info.

Reservoir Market Makeover

We've enhanced mobile UI, fixed layout bugs, and introduced dark mode for those late-night trading sessions. We've also incorporated support for 3D models and set up a marketplace fee and recipient address via the 0x exchange.

Creating New Avenues with Reservoir API

The Reservoir API has been extended to ingest Foundation order books and create and fill Foundation’s buy now orders. We've optimized our search API, updated our collection API to v2, and added attribute stats to the token/details API. The API now also supports multiple marketplace fee recipients, collection offers, and includes an optimized attribute API for performance with the 0x exchange.

Multi-Buy Functionality with Reservoir Router Contract

Now supports multi-buy/sweep functionality, complete with a precheck option on fills to reduce lost gas if an item is no longer available.

What’s new in Toolkit?

Ingesting OpenSea and LooksRare orders on the Goerli testnet, creating trait bids with ReservoirKit UI, and adding support for shared contract collections.

Our Latest Additions

From aggregating Zora sell liquidity and Sudoswap buy liquidity to adding royalties/fees breakdown and filtering capabilities.

New Integrations

Our latest integrations include the Reservoir discord bot v1 and the introduction of support for CoinbaseNFT listings and Rarible listings and bids.

Advanced Reservoir Tools

We’re ecstatic to announce the launch of Normalized Royalties. This update empowers users to repair non-royalty compliant orders by enabling normalizeRoyalties. In addition, we have optimized OpenSea bid ingestion to support trait-wide offers and incorporated the ability to filter orders/asks by start and end timestamp, as well as multiple sources.

Next-Level Market Capabilities

Including the addition of rarity rank to marketplace collection and token pages, instant sell page, and top bid source. We’ve also enhanced the sorting options on the marketplace collection page, updated Wagmi, and added support for other EVM chains on ReservoirKit (eg. Polygon).

Expanding Across Networks

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of, our new platform equipped with Add to Cart support for liquidity pool listings. We’re also making strides across different networks by adding support for OpenSea listings and bids on Polygon, and support for wETH on Polygon.

Robust Infrastructures

The Reservoir Sync Node, are enabling users to sync sales and ask data in real-time and backfill historical data straight from Reservoir. Additionally, we’ve introduced sales, transfers, and approval events to websockets, added support to pass in multiple currencies to the ReservoirKit bidModal, and support for batch selling.

Across New Horizons

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released support for multiple testnets such as Arbitrum Nova [Beta], Sepolia Testnet [Beta], Base Goerli Testnet [Beta], Scroll Alpha Testnet [Beta], and Zora Goerli Testnet [Beta].

Expanding our Feature Palette

Sweeping module, optimizing Polygon sales latency, and adding Polygon data to Dune. We’ve also released the Arbitrum [Beta] support.

Entering New Domains

Ikigai Labs is making strides in the Blur ecosystem by introducing support for aggregating and accepting Blur bids. We've also added support for LooksRare V2, and batch listing support to the portfolio page on the marketplace project.

Update June 10nd

Sync Node and Sales Websocket Upgrade

We understand the importance of seamless and fast transactions. Our updated Sync Node now supports the Sales websocket, boosting the performance and reliability of transactions, providing a more seamless trading experience for our users.

Batch Selling on the Marketplace

Our new batch-selling feature enhances the functionality of our marketplace, offering greater flexibility for our users. Whether you're a creator launching a new series of NFTs or a collector looking to sell multiple pieces from your portfolio, batch selling streamlines the process.

Multiple Referrer Fees and Improved ERC-1155 Support

The new feature for multiple referrer fees on the SweepModal provides more flexibility, allowing for a fair distribution of rewards. In addition, our improved ERC-1155 support for the ListModal enhances the handling of multi-token contracts, ensuring a more smooth and more efficient listing process.

Efficient Price Change Handling

In the volatile world of NFT trading, prices can change rapidly. To handle this, we've optimized price change handling for the SweepModal, ensuring that changes are updated accurately and promptly.

Update June 24nd

  • Added support for Zora Network
  • Added rarity score support for all collections
  • Exclude burned tokens from the collection token count
Listings & bids created on the Ikigai Labs XYZ marketplace (powered by Reservoir) will now be available on Opensea Pro

Update June 30th

  • Added support for Polygon web sockets. (More chains soon ... )
  • Real-time feed of new collections, FP changes & metadata updates.
  • Added support to set gas Limit in Reservoir SDK when buying or selling.

Update July 22nd

  • Minting is now supported

Updated August 4th

  • Support to add feesOnTop for mints
  • Subscribe to specific field updates for Collections and Sales
  • Added openseaVerificationStatus to Collections
  • Added topBid source to Collections
  • Added floorAsk source to Collections
  • Updated ReservoirKit useBids hook to use /orders/bids/v6
  • Updated ReservoirKit useListings hook to use /orders/asks/v5
  • Updated CollectModal to display mint fees
  • Updated CollectModal to support fixed USD feeOnTop
  • Updated BuyModal to support fixed USD feeOnTop
  • Updated CartProvider to support fixed USD feeOnTop

Updated August 12th

  • Added Avalanche Chain
  • Updated to /sales/v6 endpoint (v6)
  • update_at is now updateAt
  • orderBy is now sortBy
  • List in Polygon USDC and WETH
  • Optimized OpenSea order ingestion speed

Updated August 18th

  • Added gasless meta-transaction
  • Filter Collections by creator

Updated August 26th

  • Added Base, Sepolia, and Mumbai
  • Use on-chain royalty information!

Updated October 6th

zkSync Era is a Layer-2 protocol designed to scale Ethereum using advanced Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology, aiming to offer hyperscalability without compromising on security or decentralization. The protocol has been rigorously tested and audited, inheriting 100% of Ethereum's security features. With a focus on user experience, zkSync Era has attracted interest from over 200 projects for deployment, indicating its potential for mainstream adoption.

  • zkSync Era NFT API 🔥🔥
  • Added ability to select purchase currency when sweeping
  • Collections are now indexed when contract is deployed
  • Optimized ENS metadata indexing to be more reliable
  • Optimized token metadata indexing to reduce cases of missing metadata
  • Optimized real-time block processing to reduce network latency