In the midst of a prolonged bear market that has left the NFT landscape withering, a vibrant art community thrives on the Tezos blockchain, often overlooked in the shadow of Ethereum's dominance. While many platforms have seen floor prices tank and retail interest wane, Tezos stands as a haven for passionate artists and collectors alike, offering a treasure trove of breathtaking art pieces that captivate.

However, the prevailing low-price culture and liquidity challenges have raised concerns. It does present opportunities for collectors to discover hidden gems. 🧹

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In the midst of a prolonged bear market that has left the NFT landscape withering, a vibrant art community thrives on the Tezos blockchain, often overlooked in the shadow of Ethereum’s dominance. While many platforms have seen floor prices tank and retail interest wane, Tezos stands as a haven for p…

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Art For Walls In Public Spaces — fxhash
Moving inanimate drawings generated with code. Made with p5.js and CCapture.js. Extras: s: save the current frame as PNG3: save 3 second GIF5: save 5 second GIF9: save 9 second GIFYou might n
marketplace — September — fxhash
The Summer Ends---------------Controls:S or double tap (mobile): Download image A: Toggle loading animation (off by default to improve performance) 1-6: Modify scale (1 = default, 1500 x 2000px,
Dragons — fxhash
A grid of many lines forming a dragon crafted on paper.They all have their own personality... Be sure to name and take care of them. tw: williamapan
Fragments of a Wave — fxhash
Reflective polygons threaded between waves of canvas.
de|growth:generations — fxhash
Materials tend to take particular forms due to their physical properties, technological necessities or natural limitations. However, what rules should a simulated environment follow when no physical c
Turner Light — fxhash
‘Light is therefore colour’ - J.M.W Turner The shadows of the future are the light I emit now, andI can only keep moving forward towards the core of the planet.
Toccata — fxhash
Toccata is a piece about decay, about the impermanent. The emergence over time or, rather, progression of entropy is a key characteristic of our universe. Everything evolves to nothing. We as mortal b
Sequence — fxhash
Sequence by Hevey (@HeveyArt). This artwork was created using p5js.
Coronado — fxhash
This series is about the beauty and charm of imperfection, chaos amidst order, and letting go. It’s about knowing that however much control we think we may have, things can all fall apart or burst int
Unfolded — fxhash
The infinite origami has become unfolded. Directly beneath you, woven of crests and valleys, never repeated on this unending plane, lies this pattern in paper. Written in vanilla JS & HTML5 Canvas.
Uninhabitable — fxhash
Uninhabitable is a generative system built only from ellipses. The process of playing with different geometric and trigonometric disruptions gives rise to four different compositions which seek to evo
Verdant Brut — fxhash
Verdant translates to “lush, green” and Brut means “dry, raw, or unrefined.” This series is less about impressions of nature, or vegetal growth… but rather the vibrant, lush world that abstract art c
Acequia — fxhash
Acequia (“ah-seh-kee-uh”) - a Spanish adaptation of the Arabic word as-sāqiya, meaning “water carrier”. In our second collaboration, Rich and Rick are back with our blend of generative code, intrica
Richter — fxhash
Richter is the second collaboration of Richard Nadler and Leander Herzog, following their first project called Gerhard. A generative animation based on multiple layers of color and data, mixed, moved
Proxima — fxhash
The preparations for the first mission began in 2142. It had become clear that mining petroleum on Earth would soon become financially unfeasible, so looking to other planets was the only logical choi
fxhash - O B S C V R V M - Algorithms and Code
In this article, we’ll try to give an approachable overview of the algorithms and code behind O B S C V R V M collection published on December 6th of 2022 on fxhash. We decided to leave our code open (unminified and unobfuscated), available on public repositories (GitHub), and well documented throu…
Cradle — fxhash
Billions of years old, ancient remains decay across our Solar System. Mere transient visitors to our star, their ephemeral presence on our worlds is embodied in their creations. In the shadow of their
Inland Emotions #222 — Ferdinand Dervieux
Inland Emotions Over the centuries, ancient philosophers and modern psychologists have come to the same basic conclusion. The fact is that, according to a few millennia of research, there are a limit
Tych — fxhash
Tych is an attempt to bring personality to a generative system.
Spring is Back — fxhash
This project is an evolution of the previous “Spring will be back again”It has in common most of its characteristics but with only a selection of color palettes and other things like: - Just a few
adrift — fxhash
Take your entire life, full as it is with the vastness of your lived experiences – and shape it into your cupped hands. Cherish this mesmerising world of yours as you would a ripe summer fruit, and be
all that remains — fxhash
full title: all that remains / all that, remains / all, that remains Parkinson’s alters one’s connection to the world they inhabit. I am very glad to be able to contribute to @Cure3Exhibition’s fundr
Universal Rayhatcher — fxhash
# What is this? This is 6942 characters of highly experimental code. This is a version of my rayhatcher framework (see that can do literally eve
Shapes on a Plane — fxhash
“Shapes on a Plane” explores imaginary structures and worlds through simple shapes. It’s intended for small-scale print. As a kid I was obsessed with Lego, Duplo, wooden building blocks... anything I
GRAPHEME — fxhash
Released on the occasion of the Tribute to Herbert W. Franke. “One criterion for art involves the process used by the artist for shaping the work. In the special case of mathemat
Element — fxhash
Element is a generative series of pixelated mosaics that explores two contrasting styles of generative art. One style embraces imperfection and noise to simulate paint or other real-life textures, whi
Avoidance — fxhash
Created with Javascript and p5js. Each bar steers clear of the other bars and balls. This is an experiment in which I admittedly invested a little too much time. The numerous variables, factors, and v
In Between — fxhash
In Between Genuary is an artificially generated month of time where we build code that makes beautiful things, with 31 prompts to base your code art off. Genuary 2023 took place during the month of J
Industrial Devolution — fxhash
As the abandoned sewage planet Xnor lay seemingly dormant, aeons crept by. Erosion and oxidation recombined in plumbing, slowly causing the pipes to evolve sentience and grow to the horizon in a bloom
A 4444 character magic spell for my rayhatching framework to render thinking rocks. This piece may take some time to render (about 1-3 minutes, depending on hardware). The rendering time is symbolic
The legendary collaboration between ippsketch and Piter Pasma. Option: Put a hash with a number like #2 or #3 after the URL to render at double or triple the resolution!
Hypergiraffe — fxhash
3965 bytes of Javascript produce a generative doodling in resolution independent SVG format. Be sure to check the features for your each piece’s custom title! By Piter Pasma (
Ethereal Microcosm — fxhash
An exploration of algorithmic organisms in a contained environment. This piece is about the simulation of microscopic patterns using a high number of even tinier agents all following the same rules.
Udnē — fxhash
Udnē is part of the fxhash interactive minting experience at Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art, Art Basel Miami Beach, 2022. Udnē is a collection of asymmetric textural composi
Nuages possibles — fxhash
Stippling clouds imagined by a computer. Each cloud is a “Nuage possible” It may be generated from code,but these clouds might have existed,or might exist in the future,just for a brief moment.
Millefoglie — fxhash
“A mille-feuille (French pronunciation: ​[mil fœj], “thousand-sheets”), also known by the names Napoleon, vanilla slice, and custard slice, is a dessert made of puff pastry layered with pastry cream.
台灣建築記憶 — fxhash
日本語は下にあります。中文在下面。 “The memories of buildings in Taiwan” is part of the interactive minting experience at Proof of X with KUMALEON, Tokyo, 2023 Many buildings in Taiwan are considered unattractive fo
Punktwelt — fxhash
Continuing on the theme of color perception in Farbteiler, Punktwelt is an exploration of color interaction, projection and perceived depth, and the aesthetics of simple Boolean operations on form. E
Grid Studies — fxhash
Grid Studies is part of the fxhash interactive minting experience at Proof of People, London 2022
EDDY — fxhash
An eddy is a circular movement of water counter to a main current. It reminds me of innovations in art, like a small countercurrent to the mainstream, surfacing new techniques and aesthetics. I hope
Take Wing — fxhash
“Take Wing” is a generative art collection depicting the hope, optimism, and thrilling excitement of a person taking off, gaining traction, and soaring to new heights and off into the great unknown.
____ - Iteration 2 — fxhash
This project is part of a larger experiment that explores and celebrates the process of making generative art by progressively releasing iterations, working towards a final release on my main account
Ailerons — fxhash
Ailerons, littering the factory floor, custom made and ready to be fitted to their respective aircraft. An accent trickles across the canvas, coloring any object in its path. A study of light, built
horizon(te)s — fxhash
For this collaboration we focused on horizons as an organizing principle. What are the edges and borders of our vision and what do we see there? Rather than create *one* collective piece where we mi
Self, Ego — fxhash
The third and final installment of the Self trilogy. Ego is defined as: the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between t
Artifice — fxhash
This series is is about playful obfuscation. The attached fxtext article goes more in-depth into what is meant by that, as well as the events that led to this collection. 5640 bytes of Vanilla JS wi
a multitude — fxhash
‘a multitude’ is part of the fxhash interactive minting experience at NFT Show Europe, Valencia, 2022. ---------------------------------------------------------- a multitude of entitiesa multitude
marketplace — Tesseract — fxhash
‘Tesseract’ is a generative collection drawing on the concept of the cube from oneirology, the interpretation of dreams. In many mythologies and fields of study, the square is considered a ’perfect sh
marketplace — Murals — fxhash
‘Murals’ is a collection of 256 abstract compositions born out of an intense period diving deeply into street art, pointillism and the inner workings of neural networks. The work explores projection,
NeoPrimal — fxhash
A story of (un)civilized Homosapiens trapped in a metropolitan nightmare, hoping to feel alive among all of the chaos..------------------Live-view_Resolution: Add ”&res=” end of your url with a res
Destructures — fxhash
Deconstructed structure built from many blocks in isometric view. —— - Press [s] in live mode to export a PNG file. - By adding a ‘scale’ parameter in the live URL, you can generate a higher resol
Perpendicular Inhabitation — fxhash
‘Perpendicular Inhabitation’ is a generative collection exploring the relationship between the urban landscape and the human experience, particularly feelings of nostalgia and more specifically ’anemo
Sketch Block — fxhash
At the heart of “Sketch Block” is the concept of the sketch block itself - a blank canvas where the possibilities for creation are endless. The name “Sketch Block” reflects the process of creation th
Fractal Cubes — fxhash
Real-time path traced fractal cubes.


The art itself can be the ultimate utility.
Appealing UI, low fees, and unwavering commitment to artists' royalties.
Fostering a supportive environment for artists and collectors alike.
Temple wallet mobile UX is noteworthy.
Delivering a positive collector experience.
The art scene has found a new home in Tezos to create a vibrant ecosystem for artists, collectors, and curators alike.
Characterized by the use of algorithms and code, gen art has opened eyes.
Authenticated, tokenized, unparalleled ownership and provenance. Allowing artists to directly connect with collectors.
A proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.
Customizable digital assets has revolutionized the way artists distribute and monetize their works.
Collaborative projects  have flourished, making it a hub of experimentation.
Affordability and distinct focus on art
Redefining the boundaries of art and inspiring a new generation. #tezos

« A theory of General Instability » ZeroSpace NYC, 2023. and « Wavelength persistence » NFT Show Europe, Valencia — Photon resonator n°5

In the midst of a prolonged bear market that has left the NFT landscape withering, a vibrant art community thrives on the Tezos blockchain, often overlooked in the shadow of Ethereum’s dominance. While many platforms have seen floor prices tank and retail interest wane, Tezos stands as a haven for p…