At Ikigai Labs, our approach to art collecting is shaped by an understanding of market dynamics, a keen eye for trends, and an appreciation for diverse artistic forms. We invite you to understand our art collecting strategy, which is centered around four primary themes: Photography, AI, Generative Art, and Pixel Art.

Underpinned by 3 core principles: Lindy Effect, Consensus, and Value Unlocks.

The Lindy Effect is a theory that the future life expectancy of non-perishable items, including art, is proportional to their current age. The Consensus, meanwhile, relates to the general market agreement on an artwork's value, which we aim to buy low and sell high. Value Unlocks are events or technological advancements that substantially increase the perceived value or popularity of an art piece.

From these overarching principles, our focus shifts to the tactical, guided by four thematic pillars.

Photography is an avenue where we seek pieces with unique perspectives, exploring the depth of this traditional art form in the digital realm. We appreciate the dexterity and detail captured by lenses, which tell stories that transcend borders.

AI Art has grown exponentially with advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence. It blends the line between technology and creativity, producing thought-provoking pieces that challenge the definition of art and its creation.

Generative Art is our way of embracing the marriage between art and code. We seek projects with strong early consensus, independent of larger platforms, which are in line with our belief in the future decentralization of artistic communities.

Finally, Pixel Art reminds us of the nostalgia of early digital art while still remaining relevant in today's digital art scene. The beauty of simplicity and the aesthetic appeal it offers aligns with our appreciation for art forms that evolve with technology yet remain grounded in their origins.

In anticipating a future transformation in the art market through liquidity protocols, we stay prepared for significant changes. This approach allows us to be flexible and responsive to shifts in the art world, ensuring our collection remains vibrant and valuable. In essence, Ikigai Labs' art collecting strategy is a dynamic blend of broad market principles and specific art forms, shaped by our values and vision.