Collaborations are the lifeblood of the web3 ecosystem, driving innovation, fostering community, and propelling the creative potential of onchain art. One of the key reasons why collaborations are paramount in web3 is the spirit of decentralization itself. Web3 is built on the principles of openness, transparency, and inclusivity, encouraging individuals and organizations to come together and contribute their unique perspectives and expertise. By collaborating with different stakeholders, projects can tap into a diverse range of ideas, skills, and resources, leading to more comprehensive and impactful outcomes. By joining forces with like-minded individuals and organizations, IKigai Labs XYZ can tap into existing communities and networks, gaining exposure to new audiences and creating synergistic effects to create immersive and innovative onchain art experiences.

In the web3 era, collaborations are not just a means to an end but an integral part of the journey, where the power of collective creativity and collaboration can be harnessed to unlock the true potential of the decentralized digital art world.

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In this season, we'll explore forging new alliances with web3 media platforms like Bankless and NFTnow. We are excited to launch a range of innovative projects that will revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with art. From fine art editioned prints in collaboration with Whitewall,  Artfora, and Infinity Objects.

Infinite Objects - We Print Video™
Explore our collections of Video Prints or create your own to discover a new way to live with art that moves.

We understand the importance of convenience. That is why we love to collab with Autonomy, and Holyheld, for a premium mobile UX.

Autonomy: Collect, view and discover digital art.
You are invited to get a Web3 debit card for a non-custodial wallet.
Holyheld is a web3 crypto debit card. The one card for all crypto natives. Get your card, pay from your phone, use your wallet, and pick your crypto. Join with my link and we both get rewards.
Awagami Factory - Japanese WASHI PAPER Online Shop
‘Awagami Factory’ is a registered brand of washi papers crafted under the direction of the Fujimori family in Tokushima, Japan. Responding to the needs of artists & creators, Awagami focuses on research and development in an ongoing effort to integrate washi into contemporary life. Awagami produces…

Ikigai Labs Collaborations is more than just a fusion of art and technology. It is a celebration of the creative process and the endless possibilities that arise when visionary minds come together. As we embrace this new era of collaboration, we remain committed to our core values of inclusivity, artistic excellence, and community empowerment. We believe that art has the power to transcend boundaries, connect people, and inspire meaningful conversations.

Ikigai Labs XYZ shortlist

Tokenframe™ NFT Display | Built For Authenticity
Official Website. Connect your wallet. Cast your NFTs. Control NFT display settings with our app. Beautiful NFT frames with verifiable ownership built-in. Now you can become the curator of your own NFT gallery at home.
Print & Frame Your NFTs | Level Frames
Connect your wallet and we’ll find the highest resolution image for all of your tokens.
Shop Digital Art Displays and Accessories - Meural by NETGEAR
Shop Meural WiFi Photo Frame and Canvas II, get more out of your Canvas experience with accessories. Check out our collections of canvases.
WHIM is a family of breakthrough heads up devices (canvases)—transforming the way we experience the media (art, music, social, streaming, gaming, web3, metaverse, crypto and NFTs). WHIM canvases are a compelling companion to our smartphone centric lifestyle, and an accelerant to redefining the walls…
Luma Canvas | Digital NFT Display by StandardVision
Luma Canvas is an NFT display designed by StandardVision specifically for digital art in the physical world. Designed to operate 24/7 and mimic a traditional painting canvas, Luma Canvas is powered by resilient LED technology with some of the finest pixel pitch currently on the market.
arx • make crypto assets real
make crypto assets real
tokenproof connects web3 to the world by powering token-based experiences that unlock utility and connect fans with the communities and brands they love, both online and IRL