At ikigAI Labs XYZ, we're always on the lookout for innovative solutions that align with our ethos of combining technology with the artistry to create meaningful and sustainable ecosystems for artists and collectors alike. The adoption of V1 smart contracts by HighLights Protocol resonates with us for several reasons. Today marks a significant milestone as we delve into potentially adopting some of these smart contracts, big time inspired by the efforts of HighLights Protocol. We also envision a space that upholds artist and collector welfare:

  • Rewards System: Similar to HighLights, we plan to implement a rewards mechanism to incentivize participation in our ecosystem. Artists and collectors engaging with our platform can expect benefits such as exclusive access to drops and special events, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.
  • Unified Experience: We aim to offer a comprehensive and convenient user experience by providing a unified view of listings, offers, and transactions, making it easier for users to navigate the digital art space.
  • Artist-Centric Discovery: Recognizing the importance of artist visibility, our platform will feature artist-first discovery tools, ensuring that artists can easily showcase their work and collectors can discover new talents seamlessly.
  • Support for Generative Art: We are particularly excited about enhancing support for generative art, enabling artists to share their original algorithms and creations in their intended form.
  • Fair Royalties: Echoing HighLights' commitment to fair royalties, we will implement a default royalty policy that ensures artists are adequately compensated for their work.
  • Competitive Marketplace Fees: In line with providing value to our users, our marketplace fees will be strategically set to be competitive, ensuring that both artists and collectors benefit from lower costs.
What features or policies would you like to see in our digital art marketplace to better support artists and collectors?