Porsche, one of the most iconic brands in the luxury auto space, made its move into Web3. In November 2022, the company unveiled its 7,500-piece NFT collection based on the classic Porsche 911. Collectors were able to help shape the design of their digital token by choosing a “route” for it — selecting from Performance, Lifestyle, or Heritage options. These routes reflect a particular characteristic of the company’s brand identity and will modify the overall design of the NFT itself.

But this NFT collection is only the beginning of Porsche’s Web3 plans. At NFT now x Mana Common’s The Gateway during Miami Art Week, Porsche’s Deniz Keskin and Lars Krämer took the stage along with Patrick Vogel, Super Creative Director ALT/SHIFT, and artist Vexx to discuss what’s next for the company’s Web3 efforts.

In this episode, they discuss what excites the Porsche team about Web3:

-The importance of collaborative NFT creation
-How they plan to use this technology to reward their most loyal customers
-How they’re expanding Porsche’s brand ethos into this new digital realm
-The intersection of web3, NFTs, and the luxury space

Ikigai Labs collected a virtual PORSCHΞ 911 with the unique license plate 3673. 🚀
Co-creating the future of Porsche and connect with web3 pioneers. LFG tbh ...

PORSCHΞ PIONΞERS CO-PILOT 7078 is one of twelve specially designed art pieces by lead artist Patrick Vogel and ambassadors Chris Labrooy, VEXX, and FaZe Clan. Each mascot represents the ambassador's interpretation of the three roads. #911

Join Porsche’s journey into Web3.
A road paved by co-creation. For the pioneers. Starting with 2,363 unique 911 NFTs.

Whether we are chasing them or living them, at Porsche we’ve been driven by dreams for 75 years.

"Our dreams are bold, bright and brave. These dreams have always been in full colour, and they will continue to be for the next 75 years and beyond. Join us as we embark on the adventure of a lifetime." - Porsche

Oh, one more thing ... enjoy the wild ride!