The Singularity Collection is the second release by AIIV, an AI art collaboration by Ravi Vora and Phil Bosua. When we all inevitably experience singularity, what will it feel like? Could we all be constructing a subjective perspective of our current reality that constrains the true vision of the future?

1000 AI generated unique artworks exploring the AI singularity through art.

The thin veil between reality and our imagination disappears, and our experience of this world transforms from what it is - into what we want it to be. We free ourselves from the constraints of a world that is less than we hoped and step into a world that can be more than we imagine.

Visions that feel familiar but also not of this world. Maybe the AI is telling us it is already here - if we only decide to see it.

AIIV is part of the AIM Collective (Ravi Vora and Phil Bosua). This was the most ETH we ever paid for a collection of 3 NFTs. Just under 2 ETH / NFT. Volume was around 1785 ETH with ETH sitting close to ATH. Today the floor price sits around 0.03 ETH.  

540 days after my big conviction play I purchased 4 NFTs from this collection. It reminds me why I bought them in the first place: AI will change the world, in ways we can't even imagine, and owning a series that had that conviction 2 years ago is OG. Also, DCA brings down my average price to $3500 / NFT (vs $8000/NFT).

Photography — Ravi Vora
<p>Los Angeles commercial photographer / director Ravi Vora. Clients: Nike, Microsoft, Free People, Jeep, HP, Beats by Dre, Jordan, Toyota</p>
Phil Bosua - Inventor/Artist | Twitter | Linktree
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You win some, you lose some but never forget the big question. 1/ why you buy

The floor price is pretty thin tbh. There are 5 left under 0.1 and just one under 0.2. There are two under 0.4. And only one under one ETH. The total supply is 1000 pieces, and only 3.3% is listed for sale. Not financial advice, just an observation ser.

thin floor price tbh. you have been warned anon. NFA

Update: #5 was purchased just now. The floor is up 33% WTF this needs to stop tbh. 1/ Wait what someone bought another 4 pieces? This needs to stop tbh!

DCA works like a charm. The average price is now down to $2K / NFT.

The Everything by Phil Bosua

The art of Phil Bosua in collaboration with AI. More than $5M in AI-generated NFT art sales to date. The Everything is a growing and evolving collection from this revolutionary AI artist. The Everything features:

  • Sanctum Sanctorum
  • Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg Smoking Weed
  • god is a machine (GIAM)
  • Damien Hirst Portrait

Phil’s previous collections on OpenSea: Explosion of Color, Singularity, Ghost in the Machine, Light and Dark, Cryptogam