Art has always been a medium for human expression, a canvas through which emotions, stories, and experiences are shared. But what happens when the human form itself becomes an enigmatic presence, hidden in plain sight within the realm of generative art? Enter Human Unreadable, a groundbreaking three-act series that intertwines choreography, code, blockchain, and live performance, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and blurring the lines between the tangible and the digital.

The journey begins with the reveal on Art Blocks, where each artwork in the collection emerges, presenting a seemingly still image that conceals the essence of movement and life. The human form remains unreadable, existing only as a hidden potential, waiting to be discovered. But the story doesn't end there. Collectors of Human Unreadable have the opportunity to unlock the secondary token, a choreographic score intricately tied to the artwork itself. With this key, a glimpse into the underlying choreography is revealed, offering a deeper connection to the art and the artist's creative process.

Yet, the true magic lies in the final act: the performance. In a mesmerizing display of motion and expression, the dormant human movement within each piece is brought to life by a skilled dancer. What was once invisible becomes tangible, as the digital transcends into the physical realm. Human Unreadable breathes flesh and viscerality into code, embracing vulnerability as a feature and challenging the confines of traditional design systems.

This series defies the safety of modernist design and embraces the chaos and confusion that define the human experience. It is an invitation to explore the complexities and nuances of our existence, to venture beyond the confines of function-focused design and embrace the messy, sensual, and embodied aspects of our being. Human Unreadable celebrates the richness of human expression and elevates the role of the body in the artistic process.

Rooted in the legacies of computational choreography, chance dance, and the experiments in art and technology movement, Human Unreadable is the culmination of a collaborative effort involving over 25 individuals ranging from specialized engineers to dancers. Operator, with their expertise in HCI technology and multimedia art, alongside Catherine's background as a choreographer and performance artist, have created a masterpiece that merges disciplines and challenges conventions.

As collectors of Human Unreadable, you are not only part of this groundbreaking artistic journey but also beneficiaries of exclusive privileges. The first 100 mints hold a special place, as they will be performed in an immersive in-real-life premiere, hosted by a prestigious art institution yet to be announced. Additionally, holders of Privacy Key 00 will have the extraordinary opportunity to witness one of their collected Human Unreadable sequences brought to life through a captivating performance.

While the on-chain generative choreography method remains a technical marvel, Operator aims to share their process and open-source tooling with the wider community through a forthcoming white paper in 2023. This commitment to transparency and collaboration underscores the ethos of Human Unreadable, further inviting artists, technologists, and enthusiasts to delve into the intricate world of generative art.

In the realm of Human Unreadable, the boundaries between art and technology blur, unleashing the true power of creative expression. It challenges us to question what lies beneath the surface, to embrace the hidden layers of our humanity, and to reveal the unseen within ourselves. As the journey continues to unfold, we invite you to immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Human Unreadable and embark on a transformative exploration of art, movement, and the human spirit.

Human Unreadable — Operator - Artist Duo Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti