In the pursuit of understanding ourselves and the intricate web of variables that surround us, the quest for objectivity becomes paramount. The works of sociological pioneers like Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Popper sparked Eko33's fascination with objectivity during his years as a sociology student. His fascination has not waned; instead, it has become the cornerstone of his artistic practice for over two decades. Neural Sediments draws inspiration from the works of Alberto Burri, František Kupka, and the topography of Switzerland.

Like the saying "the map is not the territory," these pieces delve into the intricate layers of reality, challenging oversimplified versions of our world.
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Through a process honed over time, Eko33 trained his algorithmic selection on classical masterpieces, creating unique color palettes. These palettes are then rearranged to be associated with endangered ecosystems, linking shades to dark blue waters, peach salmons, rare botanic species, or volcanos.

These complexities give rise to artworks that challenge our perceptions and invite us to delve deeper into the interplay between objectivity and subjectivity.
Eko33 Generative Art