Hey there! Welcome to Ikigai Labs, where we're shaking things up big time. Creators, collectors, and curious curators alike, we're here to show you what magic web3 can spin. Through our art gallery, artist residency, and mad awesome immersive experiences, we're offering a fresh space for creativity.

Ikigai Labs is like that cozy art café around the corner, it's imaginative, it's delightful, and it's exactly the sort of place you'll want to hang your hat in. Our Ikigai Residency is where artists can push their limits and make their best work.

The Ikigai Design Lab is where we create immersive worlds that redefines the way you experience art. Our Ikigai OG pass and the Artist Residency Collections are your ticket in. Whether you're buying your first NFT or your 420th, we're here to guide you through your web3 adventure. We believe art is not just for your eyes, but for your heart and soul. Our mission? To help you feel and experience art, not just see it. What's our secret sauce? We believe in empowering our artists. By providing them the tools to do their best work, we are ditching those outdated creator models that take more than their fair share of the profits.

Join us in Discord, where we unveil the latest collection releases and spill the beans about what's coming up next. It's a space for artists to share their inspirations and motivations, and for everyone to get in on the action.

We're about creating a community of art lovers and fostering connections between creators and collectors. Our art gallery is where you can support your favorite artists, discover new art, and build your collection.

The Ikigai OGs is our own immersive world, designed just for you. As an OG owner, you get access to special features and interactions, including immersion in your very own world, access to Ikigai collections, and Allowlist opportunities for Ikigai Residency collections.

We’re a close-knit, powerhouse team from all walks of life. We're passionate, quirky, and super driven, each of us with a personal connection to web3 and art. We believe in authenticity, integrity, impact, curiosity, respect, and most importantly, having a whole lot of fun. So come as you are, and join us in reimagining what art can be. Dive in, and welcome to Ikigai Labs!